Graphing with Ipe - TeX

I am new to the TeX Stackexchange, so I want to apologize beforehand if I do not comply with the question-writing customs/rules.My question is about the graphing program for LaTeX Ipe. I have downloaded it from the webpage, and when using it I am having trouble to insert math-mode text. For example, I click the "insert math" option, and write \mathbb{R} and it does not print out. Instead an error pops out saying:***! Undefined control sequence.<recently read> \mathbb l.57 $\mathbb {R}$%The control sequence at the end of the to...Read more

ipe - add long a vowel pure via tipaman package - TeX

I would like to add vowel number fivehere is where you can download the script i doing it properly \documentclass[a4paper,12pt,pdftext]{book}\usepackage[french]{minitoc}\setcounter{minitocdepth}{1}\usepackage[french]{babel} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage{graphicx}\usepackage{libertine}\usepackage[colorlinks=true,linkcolor=blue,urlcolor=black,bookmarksopen=true]{hyperref}\usepackage{bookmark}%\usepackage{tipa}\usepackage{tipaman}%---PACKAGES-----------------------------------------------...Read more

Setting the IPE text editor default size, or use external editor? - TeX

I am using IPE to make presentations on Ubuntu 16. I use i3 for my window manager (in case that is relevant). I downloaded the AppImage v 7.2.7 today from the ipe website.I start ipe with ./ipe-7.2.7-x86_64.AppImage ipe -sheet presentationWhen editing complex LaTeX code, the default editor window size is way too small; everything is crammed in a tiny space. Of course, one can drag the edge of the editor window to make it larger and get more space. However, it becomes pretty painful to resize the window every single time you want to edit some la...Read more

Extract all ipe views automated with a script - TeX

I know that I can extract a single view from a .ipe file with iperender -eps -view 3 a.ipe a3.eps.I want to create a script that takes a .ipe file as argument, and extracts all views, independent on how many views the .ipe file has.For that I need a function to count the views in the .ipe file. I could just try to extract view by view until it fails, but this seems like an unvaforable solution. Then, if iperender fails for a different reason, it would fail silently.Is there any ipe-related tool that just prints the amount of views in a .ipe fil...Read more

Getting IPE LaTeX text labels working - TeX

IPE won't save my file as an .eps whenever I try to insert any text labels. Here's what I have inserted as the preamble:\usepackage{graphicx}\usepackage{amsfonts}\usepackage{amssymb}\usepackage{amsmath}\usepackage{latexsym}\usepackage{mathrsfs}Whenever I try to save, I get the following error: Something is wrong with the PDF file generated by Pdflatex. Please consult the stderr output to identify the problem.Any ideas where I'm going wrong?I'm working on a mac if that's relevant....Read more

Latex Tables in ipe - TeX

I'm making a presentation in ipe. I have a table from a .tex document that I would like to include in ipe document. Is there any way to use the tabular environment or something similar in ipe?...Read more