ip geolocation - Problems with accurate geolocalization

After a DDoS attack on another server, I put a PHP script getting $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] in a footer file, present in every page of my WordPress blog.When I go to the blog with Google Chrome, the remote IP usually starts with 66.249... or 66.102 at least today when I test. (Not at all my actual IP. 66 are Google proxies, I believe.)It doesn't differ so much when I use VPN and run over 4-5 different countries all over the world. Still starts in 66. Does this mean that geolocalization for visitors using Chrome is not so meaningful? They all run ...Read more

ip geolocation - IP to country without database

As we all know, there are many databases that can be used to return the country from a given IP address. I'm wondering about how do those database providers get these info from? who tells them that this IP address is located in that country and not another? is there a script that resolves these IPs or do they get many databases from every ISP and compile them into one? anyone has an idea?Thanks...Read more

Quova API anyone? it's a complete disaster, anyone knows better ip-geolocation-services?

i need a geolocation service and i wanted to try some of them before buying anything for my client.i tried api.ipinfodb.com and is pretty good...then i recently tried Quova APi, that as far as i remeber Quova was considered good...well...i tried it and the result is really sloppy... the zipcode with ipinfodb.com was perfect, whereas Quova was quite distant...also the XML of the first was good formatted, whereas Quova gives you all lowercase name..why? shouldn be the city name cpaitalize ? i know i can do it with php but with name syou have to b...Read more

ip geolocation - need an ip location lookup

anyone know of a decent site where i can lookup where an ip address is?e.g. if i have ip address x.x.x.x.x and i want to know if that ip is in london or scotland.i've been going around google and what the sites i have found are saying is that ip x is located in location london when it shud be roughly 250 miles away from there.thanks p.s. must be free...Read more

ip geolocation - CDN / Geo loadbalancing

I have a service that streams content from google compute engine and I would like to stream from Europe's servers if the user is from Europe or Africa and from the US if the user is from anywhere else. Or even better, if a service could define the best zone to serve the user, it would be great! Is that a way to do that automatically with google compute engine or do I have to manually build a solution? Thanks for your help!...Read more