introductory lesson - Book recommendation: basic, broad and solid overview for advanced learners

I did a PhD in software engineering, now working in financial IT. I had a proper education in algorithms, data structures, operating systems, networks, software etc. and worked as a tutor for Java, OOP, UML during my PhD.Now a senior board member asks me for a good introduction into all that "computer and architecture stuff".I tried hard but don't find a suitable book that has it all on a decent level.Topics I'd like to see are:a bit of computing history: from Babbage via Turing, OS/360 ("mythical man month"), PCs to embedded systems like Smart...Read more

introductory lesson - How to introduce Scala to a team of Java developers without being boring?

I work in a startup where each week, a member of the team does a short presentation (30-60 min) on a subject in front of the others. It is a very informal and relaxed session, but now it is my turn and as an intern, I feel concerned about being boring and failing to show my colleagues the interesting features of the subject I picked, which is the programming language Scala. They are all familiar with Java (on which Scala is based) but probably not with functional programming.So, here is my question: How should I do my presentation to actually e...Read more