internship - Am I allowed to do the work for a research assistant (RA) without having been awarded an assistantship?

I recently finished my undergrad degree and'm now enrolled in an entirely online graduate (M.Ed) program in educational technology/instructional technology. Nonetheless, I'll be moving to the physical campus of this Lower Midwest flagship university in late August. Although I'll be receiving grad Stafford loans (huzzah, no undergrad loans!), I applied for financial aid past the assistantship deadline.I know the importance of networking and collaborating with faculty. I'm prepared to live off of loans (which is feasible, given the low cost of li...Read more

internship - Should time spent as a paid intern count towards Professional Work Experience?

My Masters Degree consisted of 3 semesters of coursework+lab work and then a 6 month full-time, paid internship in a large company. My Internship was in the field of my studies, and I had to submit a report and make a presentation to get course credit.The company later made me an offer and I became a full time employee.Suppose I have been a full time employee for 6 years 6 month (total of 3 jobs in three different companies) as of now, Do I say that my professional Work Experience is 7 years, or 6.5 years?EditI am asking this from a perspective...Read more

entry level - How should I handle an internship offer when I'm looking for a full time position?

I'm currently a student but I'm about to graduate with an undergraduate degree. I've been looking for a full-time entry level position for after graduation and have been lucky enough to find several different companies that seemed to be a good fit for me. However, after reaching out to several companies (and interviewing with a few as well), I've noticed that many companies are quick to offer an internship instead of a full-time offer. I can partially understand the business reasoning for this; however, it is rather frustrating as an applicant ...Read more

internship - Delay Graduation For Work Experience

I had always planned on focusing on my studies until senior year and obtaining at least one year of work experience in my field before graduating to set me apart. Due to a number of factors, I am now ready to graduate but have not yet had employment in my field; this is due to outside matters and not inability to find work. I believe it is in my best interest to begin working before graduation, because companies may more readily hire cheaper workers and I may be allowed a more pleasant learning curve as I start out. I do not want to enter the w...Read more

Will companies in Canada consider someone for an internship after they graduated with a Master's degree?

I am completing my (2-year) Master's degree in Canada and would like to do an internship in Canada after my Master's degree to see if I would like to continue into industry or instead go back to doing a PhD. I initially planned to do an internship in Canada between my first and second year of studies but my study permit disallowed full-time work. Now, when I view internship postings online, I see that most of them specify the condition that I must be a "student currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program" or the like. Note tha...Read more

Avoid spam filters when applying for academic/research internships

CASEI am a student from India and have been looking for internships outside India. Now, a lot of Indian students apply for summer internships without serious thought. So they end up spamming professors. See:What is behind the “Indian Undergrad Research Experience”-spam? is just an example for that.It is normal for me to assume that a lot of professors by now may have applied spam filter for undergraduates from Indian universities. These would activate as soon as I send them a mail. As a result I might miss a good opportunity. Hence, I turn to y...Read more

Is it appropriate to apply again for an internship you've previously turned down?

I am in the process of applying to summer PhD research internships in industry (I'm in CS). Last year I had two appealing offers, but of course could only take one. This year I am still interested at working at the company whose offer I declined last year. However, I am unsure if it's considered inappropriate to reach out to the lab director again to inquire (this is how I approached it last year). It's not as though I burnt any bridges previously, it just feels strange, kind of like saying "Hey, I didn't want to work with you before, but what ...Read more

internship - How to determine academic level?

I have to complete a form for my internship.A question on the form reads "On the first day of the above mentioned student’s employment, his/her academic level will be:___________".Suggested answers are: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master’s, Ph.D.I will complete my first year of Master's by the start of the internship....Read more

Summer Internship - A very well-known Professor

I want to send an e-mail to a very well-known professor in the field of my interest. I have read most of his papers and I am 90% sure that I like to work under his supervision at least for some months. I am an undergraduate student but being realistic, I hope to be considered a good student in my field and recently, I published a paper in JHEP. My question is: The professor has a research group in a French university. I want to let him know I will pay for my costs and I just want to do a 3-month or even more research under his supervision. Sin...Read more

internship - Is it OK to accept a job opportunity while planning on not taking it?

I am currently a student in computer engineering looking for an internship or a job, which is mandatory to validate my year (both internship and regular employment for my school). I'm aware that enterprise tend to prefer choosing internship over a real employment, since it cost less.I recently got approached in my research by some recruiter who is interested in some of my skills, but it's not really in the sector I plan to branch into. I'm planning to accept the best offer he can give me, to be sure that I got an offer when my school ask me to ...Read more

internship - Quitting job right before probation ends

I'm a fresh grad with no job experience but have a hands on skill that I think makes me job ready. I did applied for a job, got selected, got offered a paid internship in order to access me atleast 3 months. Now I'm almost done with my 3 months and my employer has made arrangements to take a look at me again which we may sit behind contract table again next week but I don't feel like continuing nor accepting what ever offer they will bring up because:My role within the last 3 months was not challenging enough to teach me more, and I feel I can'...Read more

internship - When is it okay to work overtime because I have to think of a solution before I implement anything?

I'm new at a company doing statistics and I have no trainer or superadvisor and little work experience so there's many things I don't know how to do and I don't even know if there's a way to do what I want to do faster by automation. Automation is often necessary because there's too much data to sort by hand. The problem is sometimes I'm trying to come up with a solution to automate a process/do my work faster and stay sane and I get nothing written down during that time except in my own mind and I feel the need to stay in the office longer onc...Read more

internship - A student "completes" 2-week project in 3 hours and lies about doing it himself

Edit and disclaimer: this is not US, and the usage of the word "internship" below is incorrect. It does not refer to an US internship (as I was informed below it means something different). As this is more like an academic environment, this question does not belong on this site.We hire college students to do non-commercial tasks before they are introduced to real projects (such "internship" is also required for them to finish college in my country) I'm an internship mentor at my (IT) company for a group of several people. I've done this several...Read more

Internship problem, communication issues and work not as advertised

I am a college student and last year was approached with an job and internship opportunity by one of my professors. The job and internship were both with the town government. The job was building a website, not for the town government but for the Mayor, which I did, I got paid and and he was happy with the site. The Internship was unpaid but I took it because I was told I would be working with the town website, and I was told I could receive credits towards my CS degree. So I took the internship.The internship turned out to not be what was adve...Read more