integration - Can Hudson branch promotion get based on project stability?

Hudson CI server displays stability "weather" which is cool. And it allows one project build to kick off based on the successful build of another. However, how can you make that secondary project dependent additionally on the stability of multiple builds of the first project?Specifically, project "stable_deploy" needs to only kick off to promote a version to "stable" if project "integrate" with version has built and tested successfully at least 8 times--in a row. Until then, it's still in integration mode.IMPORTANT: A significant ca...Read more

Integration architecture best practices for Enterprise applications

Our application is going to integrate like a consumer to a bunch of external systems.Most of this integrations are not just message processing and routing. There are a plenty of complex logic, like storing a current state, scheduled executions and other stuff.Besides, each integration doesn't share much common logic.What is the best practice to build this kind of systems?Should I build all-in-one integration layer? It can be a monolithic application with different apache camel routes and processors for each integration:Or should i split it to a...Read more

NetSuite SuiteScript 2.0 Integration with external hook

I need to setup EPL2 label printing from Netsuite. Unfortunately the company this is for is very small and they don't have much money to spend, hence they cannot buy a $1000 label printing solution.The current system uses a linux server that then sends a file to one of the CUPS print server queues using the linux cat command. From there it goes to a Intel NetportExpress 10/100 Print Server and then to the Argox V1000+ label printer. This is via a corporate network ip address.Instead I started looking at some cheap options:Popup a browser window...Read more

integration - Integrate sonarcloud with slack channel

I'm trying to integrate sonarcloud (not sonarqube) with a Slack channel. I want to have the same behaviour in Slack that the one we have in Github or Travis integration: I mean a push notification on a channel. In Slack exists the option of a webhook but it's limited because only accepts an input format:{ "text": "message"}On the other side, on sonarcloud, there is the possibility to send a POST message to a webhook, but doesn't exist the chance to choose the format of the message, because it's predefined. Has someone any idea about how to c...Read more

saml - How do I add a custom field for a new Okta app integration?

I am creating a new Okta integration for our app and need to require users to enter a subdomain, where can I do this? We will be using SAML.As you can see in this example for the slack integration (, they are able to add a custom field to allow for the domain or subdomain to be entered.Where in the setup can I add this? So that Okta users can enter their subdomain for our app when adding the application. Please let me know if you need any additional context....Read more

integration - Integrating POS application with VeriFone terminal

Currently I'm working in a team creating a custom POS solution. We came to a point were we'd like to integrate with a IC/Credit Card terminal (like VeriFone which we have, i.e. Vx510). I think the simplest mode is to allow Cashier to manually enter into the terminal the amount a client has to pay. In more advanced (the desired) way our POS will send to the terminal the amount to be payed. Regardless of the "mode" we'd like to get the information from VeriFone if the transaction was successful or not. Here's the dead end we've reached. AFAIK, to...Read more

integration - Unable to create smooch-Webhook for Https endpoint

I am trying to create a webhook in smooch app.Whenever I try to add a target endpoint with https such as: URL : receive an Error message "No service found at target url's domain"But When I do the same without HTTPS URL : gets added, although this, still, does not work.Spoke to the Customer service and they said: When you create a Webhook Smooch sends a HEAD request to the root of the >domain to make sure that there is a server present. So if y...Read more

integration - KineticJS and Tween Timelines, integrating with GSAP JS

as of version 4.5.1 the old Transition class has been retired and "KineticJS recommends the GreenSock Animation Platform which integrates seamlessly".I am writing a canvas game using KineticJS which relied quite heavily on that old Transition class but having read up on GSAP's abilities I'm quite keen to upgrade. My problem is that when I try using even the simplest TweenLite functions they are completely ignored by my canvas. I'm guessing I must be missing something obvious because I haven't seen anyone else reporting problems. Does anyone kno...Read more