How to Integrate Apache Storm with Solace Message queue to receive messages from Solace .. just like spark streaming integration

I want to receive messages from Solace queues and want to store in any data stores like Hbase/HDFS via Apache Storm.Solace has published integration guide to setup a custom receiver which will store the messages in Spark in-memory.Other integration guides were also available, except integration with Apache Storm. I am not sure if this is possible or not. if this is, Can anyone give some pointers on the same(if not solace some other messaging provider) if they have already done this?...Read more

integration - Message responsibility in messaging based systems

We are working on a component which integrate two systems. Both system are communicating using a message bus(Service Bus and ActiveMQ) and they both produce messages. These messages contain critical data that cannot be lost during transport.Our component is using Apache Camel for integrating these two systems. If we use "default" messaging principles then Apache Camel consumes a message from one bus, processes it and then forwards it to another queue. However, our client is concerned that this leads to a risk of the message beeing lost in trans...Read more

integration - Show request in Camel route

Is there any way to log request from body in camel route?<camel:log message="RequestType [${request.body.request}]" loggingLevel="INFO" />Error in logs:Caused by: org.apache.camel.language.simple.types.SimpleParserException: Unknown function: request.body.requestThis is working part, but dunno how to get into field : <camel:log message="RequestType ${in.body}" loggingLevel="INFO" /> <camel:log message="RequestType2 [${body}]" loggingLevel="INFO" />Request field for sure it's not empty becaue later I'm checking it...Read more

integration - Normalize function in fenics

I have a function in fenics which is defined on product function space (for real and imaginary parts). Now I want to compute the integral of this function over the domain. I have no glue how this should work. And I am not able to find something in the documentation. I think the documentation has changed this week since non of the google links is working anymore. The Function space is defined as follows: FuncSpace = FiniteElement( "CG" , mesh.ufl_cell() , 1 ) FuncSpace2 = FunctionSpace( mesh , MixedElement( [ FuncSpace , FuncSpace ] )And th...Read more

integration - B2B Application Building and Maintenance Cost

I've been considering for some time now to get into be b2b integration business. I've researched the tools available for doing this, like Oragle's WebLogic Integration, IBM's WebSphere, or Microsoft's BizTalk. They all seem to do the job (each having their ups and downs). I've also looked at some companies that already are doing this (ex: It seems that b2b integration is very needed service.Although my background is in integration of commercial products with open source software, I feel that concerning the b2b integration worl...Read more

integration - Integrate Shopify with Elgg

We are seeking to integrate a Shopify store with Elgg (PHP-based, open source, social networking framework). Our Elgg site will be membership-based. Elgg members will pass to the Shopify store for purchases, and we need to be able to associate Elgg Member IDs with Orders on the Shopify store.A couple of related questions...can you pass in an ID (from our Elgg site) to the Shopify store and get it associated with the Shopify Order data?On Shopify order completion, can you specify a redirect URL?On shopify order completion, can you specify a URL ...Read more

Survey Monkey API Integration

We were thinking to implement Survey Monkey API Integration.But we have few doubts regarding it which goes as:Do people really use it. I mean, Do people outside of Survey Monkey found it useful? How do i store back the responses of survey done through Survey Monkey?Won't i need the same type of database as Survey Monkey would have to store responses?Please share much more details about the integration.Pros & Cons about it ?Thanks......Read more

Software planning: integration

I'm currently the team leader of a group of students working on a project for a course right now consists of both electrical and computer engineering students. I'm one of the electrical engineering students, and I have yet to work on the software components of the project yet. I feel that the planning for the software development and testing could be more organized, but didn't really know where to get started. The team has assigned a software lead, and collectively brainstormed on what the project should be able to do in layman's terms (i.e. wi...Read more

Quickbooks integration on website

After searching online for some guides on how to integrate quickbooks with our webshop I have yet to find a solution that fits what we need.Currently we are running Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop on a VPS.We have the website hosted on another VPS. The website is running .NET 4.0.We need to show the actual inventory stock on our products - pulled live from quickbooks.We also need our customers to be able to change their details (delivery address and so on).Lastly we need any new orders on our website to be automatically entered into quickbooks.Fr...Read more

Moodle integration questions

We are checking all the paths to integrate a .Net application with Moodle, we would like to redirect our .net application users to Moodle so they can take some courses there but I have some questions:Is it required to create a user for each account so they can enroll in a course in Moodle? I mean is it possible to have "anonymous" students taking courses in Moodle?We would like to authenticate our users from our .Net application and redirect them directly to a course in Moodle, is this possible?Thanks!...Read more

integration - Integrating BuildBot into JIRA

We have a BuildBot setup for our continuous build. Additionally, we happen to use JIRA for all our bug-tracking and task needs.What I was trying to accomplish (and have found little to no information on) is integrating build numbers (from builds generated) into JIRA. Specifically, I need two fields:Found In Build (dropdown listing previous builds to a certain threshold allowing QA to simply select the build number)Resolved In Build (another dropdown allowing Engineers to select a future build that will contain the fix)Ultimately I would like th...Read more

SW integration phase with Kanban

How would you use Kanban in SW integration?A basic composition of teams could be:Build & Release team,Two specialist teams,Test team.Builds are received from outside by the build team who attempts to build them and run automated tests. Specialist teams deal with problems (build problems, integration problems, problems found in tests), they e.g. determine the cause of the problem.So would the initial task be just called "release X" and then we generate the extra tasks for the specialist teams (who will also have some other duties)? Problem i...Read more