Instagram Receiving the same images via pagination

I'm trying to work with the Instagram API, but seem to have hit a bump that I can't get past. Here is the code I'm working with: private function getInstagram() { $images = array(); if(SERVER == 'test'){ $tag = 'dog'; } else { $tag = 'cat'; } $url = "{$tag}/media/recent?access_token=".INSTAGRAM_ACCESS_TOKEN; $instagram = json_decode(curl_get_contents($url)); for($x=0; $x < 7; $x++){ if(is_array($instagram->data)){ ...Read more

Not getting intended data from instagram subscription api call

I followed the subscription api( and created a subscription request like this:curl -F 'client_id=clientId' \ -F 'client_secret=clientSecret' \ -F 'object=user' \ -F 'aspect=media' \ -F 'verify_token=my-verify-token' \ -F 'callback_url=' \ got response as bellow:{ "meta": { "code": 200 }, "data": { "object": "user", "object_id": null, "aspect": "media",...Read more

Retrieving more than 150 Instagram comments

The ProblemI would like to be able view all of the comments on any given piece of Instagram media, even if the media has over 150 comments. As of now, it is seemingly impossible to view more than the most recent 20 comments on a piece of media on the Instagram site and if one uses either the Instagram API Console or the Instagram API Libraries, the most recent 150 comments are returned with no options for pagination or viewing addition comments.What I Have TriedI first, of course, tried the documented media comment query in both the provided co...Read more

1080x1080 photos via Instagram API Verge recently made known the latest app versions of Instagram are uploading photos in 1080x1080 resolution. These photos can be easily sourced via HTML when browsing the site's source code. Can these be accessed via the official Instagram API? And if so, how?...Read more

Instagram Square photos API

Will Instagram provide any way to grab the portrait/landscape through the API ? API docs looks untouched.As of now, they still returns the square sizes for the portrait images, but the api documentation doesn't provide any way to get the original image. Will they keep returning the square images? Do Instagram have any comments about this?...Read more

Upload media with Instagram API

Currently we are integrating Instragram with our platform and need a feature to automatically upload media (like youtube and facebook). We have gone thorugh the developer portal and found no documentation about media upload.I have googled for a while and no positive results. The below url(instagram offical API) lists the endpoint. It only has GET media related APIs anyone been in similar situation? is there anywork arou...Read more

Instagram Api Photos White lines

I am trying to fetch user photos from instagram api.The url i am querying is:{access_token}Note that i am only using access token and there's no need to register my app. I only want to get user photos. The thing is It returns original images and not the square ones. Why? All I want to do is to get all photos in the same size, but it returns original sizes.I tried standard_resolution and every solution I met but finally, There's more than I thought. Photos even have white lines wh...Read more

Adding scopes to instagram app?

I am trying to give my app the ability to use other scopes besides the basic permissions, but when I try it with other scopes I get the following error: Something went wrong :(stdClass Object ( [meta] => stdClass Object ( [error_type] => OAuthPermissionsException [code] => 400 [error_message] => This request requires scope=likes, but this access token is not authorized with this scope. The user must re-authorize your application with scope=likes to be granted write permissions. ) )The problem is that when I try to re-authorize the user not...Read more

Pagination and Location search endpoint in Instagram

I am using media/search endpoint of Instagram API to fetch the pics around a user location. But the problem here is that i am not able to implement pagination. also tried having a look at locations/search endpoint to get the location id and then thought of using it in to locations/:id/media/recent endpoint. However I failed to understand the mapping of location id in the location/media/recent api as the sample URL given document has no mentio...Read more

How can I get a user's media from Instagram without authenticating as a user?

I'm trying to put a user's recent Instagram media on a sidebar. I'm trying to use the Instagram API to fetch the media. documentation says to GET<user-id>/media/recent/, but it says to pass an OAuth access token. An access token represents the authorization to act on behalf of a user. I don't want users to log into Instagram to see this on the sidebar. They shouldn't even need to have an Instagram account.For instance, I can go to more

Instagram API: user feeds returning an html 404 page

Recently, don't know since when, when requesting an Istagram user feed via PHP (or just hit the URL via browser) i recieve a 404 error page ... in html:For instance, compare: error page, html)To: feed / error message if not authenticated)Anyone else is experiencing the same problem? Any change happened recently in the Ins...Read more

How to get an Instagram Access Token

I'm really struggling in how I'm meant to get my access token for Instagram,I've registered a new client and then I used this URL fill in the clients ID and redirect Url.I then was redirected to a page where it displayed a code in the Url but from there I don't have a clue where id then get my access token....Read more