environment variables - How to change line width in "info" command

Is it possible to make lines in the info command wider?An example :When running info awk I get the following output, although the terminal size is much wider. 2 Running 'awk' and 'gawk'**************************This major node covers how to run 'awk', both POSIX-standard and'gawk'-specific command-line options, and what 'awk' and 'gawk' do withnonoption arguments. It then proceeds to cover how 'gawk' searches forsource files, reading standard input along with other files, 'gawk''senvironment variables, 'gawk''s exit status, using include files...Read more

What is the purpose of numbered Info files?

I've noticed that some software come with multiple info files. For example, tar on Fedora 21 comes with:tar.info.gztar.info-1.gztar.info-2.gzAre the tar-info-* files dependencies of some sort for the main tar.info.gz file? Is this division unique to each distro?It seems that on the official GNU tar manual page, the Info tarball contains a single file, so I'm not sure where the -1 and -2 come from....Read more

Where does info file exist

I want to find the location of info file of the jcal program.It has appropriate info when I call info jcal. The output of info -w jcal is:*manpages*Did I do wrong way to get the full location of info file? What is thebest way to get the info file location?Dist: Slackware Current.jcal: 0.4.1info: 4.13...Read more

How can I launch the tutorial for the GNU info pages?

I would like to learn how to use the info pages - i.e. the documentation for GNU programs.If I run info from a terminal, the info program launchesFile: dir, Node: Top, This is the top of the INFO tree.This is the Info main menu (aka directory node).A few useful Info commands: 'q' quits; '?' lists all Info commands; 'h' starts the Info tutorial; 'mTexinfo RET' visits the Texinfo manual, etc.however if I type h I get a man page for info, not the info tutorial. How can I launch the tutorial?...Read more

Thoughts on the [info], [information], and [advice] tags?

These three tags:info with 69 questionsinformation with 126 questionsadvice with 116 questionsappear to be ambiguous (in application to a wide variety of unrelated topics) and really serve as metaphors for:Could you provide me with more info?How about some advice?Could they be blacklisted, or at least removed? Thoughts?...Read more

How can I activate info: links in Konqueror

man: and help: work fine, but if I enter an info: link it says: The requested operation could not be completed Cannot Initiate the info Protocol Technical Reason: Unable to Launch Process Possible Causes: The program which provides compatibility with this protocol may not have been updated with your last update of KDE. This can cause the program to be incompatible with the current version and thus not start. You may have encountered a bug in the program.I do not know if this is a bug or if something has gone wrong with my system....Read more

How to quit Menu Item mode in the info command page

I am using info command, and when I press m, the keyboard prompt goes into a menu item: mode and I don't know how to quit from this mode. I tried q and ESC, but it didn't work. Finally, I used Ctrl+C to quit. Is there any decent way to quit the menu item: prompt mode in the "info" command?...Read more