infant - Bringing babies to bar?

Full disclosure: I'm not a parent.I was at a bar last weekend, and I saw something that was pretty startling to me. There was a woman with a baby in a baby bjorn, standing in the bar drinking and talking to her friends. I don't mean a small toddler, I mean a infant. He looked like he was at most three or four months old.Since I'm not a parent, I'd like to know if this is frowned on by the parenting community. It's certainly not anything I would do, but her friends, the bartender and everyone else seemed just fine with it.I happen to know that i...Read more

infant - How do we stop our daughter rolling over and waking herself up?

Our 5 month old generally gets her head down somewhere in the early evening. We lie the sleeping lump on the bed face up, and she snoozes. Then she rolls over onto her tummy and wakes up. She's at the stage where she's perfectly happy to be on her tummy while awake, if a bit frustrated when trying to crawl (currently she sort of drags herself where she wants to go). However, in the middle of the night, there's normally an exhausted cry for attention, which escalates until we pick her up and either hold her or feed her. At which point she falls ...Read more

infant - Is it normal for a 3-month-old to eat every 1.5 to 2 hours per night?

I had issues with breastfeeding my now 3-month-old since day one. I had almost no milk and had to start topping up with formula. I tried to increase my production with fenugreek and pumping. Now I am topping once in the morning and once evening. Generally he eats around 180ml of formula per day. What bothers me is our days and nights are a total mess. He is eating every hour sometimes even half an hour. I try to give him formula but he rarely wants it. During the night he is waking every 1.5 hour or 2 hours. He is most of the time falling aslee...Read more

infant - In which language to speak to third parties when following the OPOL approach?

I am a native english speaker settled in the Netherlands; I speak fluent (but not very grammatical) Dutch. I now have a granddaughter Rosie of two months and her mother (my step-daughter) has suggested that I speak only English to her, so that she will grow up bilingual (a variant on the One Parent One Language (OPOL) approach). They live close by and we see them almost daily. This sounds like a good idea to me, but which language should I use with third parties (typically the mother and the grandmother, my wife) in Rosie's presence? Should I ...Read more

infant - Is my wife an over-protective parent and how does this influence my child?

My daughter is 10 months old. Since her birth, my wife has never even once left the baby with me alone. First it was breastfeeding, then other excuses. She's constantly around me. Constantly checking me. Constantly enforcing her rules. It's "her way or no way". Our relationship is suffering very much because of this.Thy typical pattern is that I suggest an activity - benign and something I suppose my daughter would like - and she comes up with one obstacle after another why this is not possible. If I put my foot down she will follow me and my ...Read more

infant - 9 month old with an imperative to sit

I though it was just a phase, but it's been two or three weeks already and doesn't stop. My 9 month old has an imperative to sit. She absolutely has to sit. When put to bed, even if extremely sleepy, she will try to roll to her belly and push herself up to sit. When laid down again, she will sit again. The process will repeat until she is tired and sleepy enough to fall asleep when on her belly, still half trying to sit, but failing to.Sometimes at night she wakes. And then she sits. After a few seconds she either starts complaining or falls as...Read more

infant - How to raise a child such that she has high self esteem throughout her life?

I know I am beautiful and slim and trim, but still I always had and still have a low self esteem probably because I wasn't "good" at anything like sports, dancing, cooking etc.I always kept on "telling" people that I am not good enough. I even told my ex boyfriend several times that he was making a mistake in choosing me since I am not more worthy than mud.I even told my first interviewer several times that I don't know anything, he kept on telling me that you are answering everything correctly and I kept on repeating that that's just a fluke! ...Read more

infant - Small amounts of water mixing with breastmilk

I wash the baby bottles by hand and often let them air dry. Do I have to dry them completely before adding breast milk? I would obviously want to get all of the dish liquid out of the bottles. But I wasn't sure if the breast milk mixing with a small amount of water would have any impact on the baby. I would think that he might just pee slightly more frequently if I don’t dry them fully?I'm using Dr. Brown's bottles, so drops of water collect on the nipple, bottle, vent, vent cap, and cap.It's not clear if these trace amounts of water would cont...Read more

safety - Can feeding bottles harm our infant?

Here in south India, most of PDs are not suggesting the parents to take feeding bottles for their infants; the main reason is that feeding bottles are made up of plastics.Though we affirmed that we’re using only BPA free bottles, the PDs are not happy; they suggest to use only ‘paladai-or-sangu’ to give milk or medicines.Herewith, I’ve attached the photograph of paladai for reference – it is usually made up of aluminium or silver.As far as I know, our elders used this mainly because it is bacteria-free, non-toxic, boosts immunity and cools the ...Read more