gender - Were there industrial tycoons with only daughters? How did they handle inheritance?

Industrial mogul John D. Rockefeller had three daughters who lived into adulthood, but just one son, born last. His birth was remarked as fortunate, since it meant that JDR would have an heir. Since the culture of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries was to endow the male heirs with the vast majority of business interests as inheritance, and not to give the daughters any business roles, I am curious about the following:Were there any other highly successful tycoon-types (think Carnegie, Nobel, Astor, Gould, etc.) who had on...Read more

Manufacturing plans of historic industrial or military goods

So far I have only been a passive reader of History Stack Exchange and I think it is a great community that gives me a lot interesting topics to follow up.My question:A number of questions I have seen so far deal with industrial or military goods (cars, ships, planes etc.). I wonder if the blue prints for these "goods" are archived in some place, as I would consider them as part of our universal human heritage. So, for example, would it be possible to get hold of the blue prints of a 19th century steam engine or a WWII plane? Is there some nati...Read more