indicators - Happiness Index

I found that Buthan created the Gross National Happiness Index in order to evalue the happiness of their citizens and compare that with other countries. I pressume the intention of that was to do some Compared Politics and be able to find out the output in terms of happiness of specific policies.Even though, when one analyzes GNH quickly realizes it's a really subjective index. And that's not surprising at all, since Happiness is something indeed pretty subjective. Even though, I was interested if some institutions of any kind (with internation...Read more

indicators - Hazard lights in accidents

No matter how terrible and split-second an accident, in their aftermath many vehicles have their hazard-warning lights flashing.Is this a feature of modern vehicle management systems: to automatically activate hazard lights on detecting a collision?I'm curious because the alternative, that people in accidents have the foresight to activate hazard lights in such circumstances, would tell me something unexpected about human nature....Read more