imaan - Are humans destined to do things or human do things cause of free will?

I have seen stuff like these, I dont remember exactly but here are some parts in my words:the ink has dried destiny has been writtenAllah makes path that is in destiny easier for the matter how much you work you will get what's destinedThen there things that seem to imply otherwise:freewill is given so you make right or wrong choices and upon which you will be judged.humans have free will and therefore they are punished or rewarded.Destiny isn't something that decides what we do but something Allah knows you will do. (Whereas accordin...Read more

imaan - Is it possible to take a break from Islam just to get a better notion about this world and maybe islam too?

Is there something in Islam that gives a believer a time to think about this world and Islam, to travel, to speak with people from all religions and all cultures, to gather information from the deepest secrets from many stems on this planet? In this time the muslim will stop praying, do forbidden things according to Islam but with precaution (e.g. I won't drink alcohol till I get into a coma), and will be open to everything the cultures will provide for him/her to eat or drink. Because I have done a lot of correct things my father taught me sin...Read more

imaan - Question regarding faith

Asaalam alaikum brothers and sisters.I have been wondering recently, a bit too much I think; pondering on some questions.A common question I see from people of other faiths and atheists that “why does Allah have people born into poverty” or other questions like “why does Allah not prevent accidents or disasters from happening and have “innocent” people die?”. With these questions, I don’t have sufficient knowledge to explain why apart from telling them that he’s testing our faith. But is there a proper explanation, or is it better to not questi...Read more