ieee 802.1w - how ping a PC by another switch's console use secureCRT in rstp

In secureCRT SWC's console ping PCA in rstp demo in the pic?It's a loop Topology and on each switch I set stp mode rstp and every ports are bind default vlan1.I open the switchC's loopback 0 and my console can ping successBut can't ping to pcA . (I have close the pc firewall)Waiting for your good answer.Thank you!the topology:SWA:dis stp rootmstid: 0,root bridge id:32768.70ba-ef6e-356a,extpathcost: 20,intpathcost:0root port: g1/0/24.dis stp briefport g1/0/23,role designate,stp state forwarding.port g1/0/24,role root,stp state forwarding.SWB:dis...Read more

ieee 802.1w - Spanning Tree Priority Vectors

Out of personal interest I am working my way through the IEEE standards 802.1D-2004 and 802.1Q-2014. I am using the earlier document to clarify meaning in the later document, since the addition of MSTP and SPB adds a lot of complexity to the standard.Would anyone like to clarify the exact meaning of 802.1D-2004, Section 17.6 final para: "If the designated priority vector is better than the port priority vector, the Port will be the Designated Port for the attached LAN and the port priority vector will be updated."? There seems to be a circulari...Read more