iCloud NSDocument save warnings - caused by lastUsedDate file attribute?

I have an app that uses NSPersistentDocument (without autosaving) on OS X and UIDocument (also without autosaving) on iOS. The file representation is Binary Core Storage. This app has been working fine since iOS 7 + macOS 10.10.If I open a document on OS X 10.13, and another device (macOS 10.13 or iOS 11) opens the same file, on the next save I get a warning "This document's file has been changed by another application since you opened or saved it.". The warning is spurious, because only an open has occured on another device - not a save.In loo...Read more

iCloud data transfer to other cloud

I have no other choice but to adopt iCloud right now. In the near future i would like to build my own cloud service. Is there any problem if the app transfers all the data from iCloud to my own cloud?Only the data related to my app of course. After user's permission.Is Apple positive about this?...Read more

caldav - What are Apple iCloud default calendars?

I am accessing Apple iCloud Calendars using CalDav. Currently I have 4 calendars in my account: Home, Work, Test cal 1, Test cal 2. The first two seems to be created by default, the other two are test ones.However when I list calendars of my principal, I get 8 different Calendars:/calendars/64E6F061-DE12-4D6F-B7D4-5DFDE53C800C/ is my Test Cal 1/calendars/A1FBED21-5ED1-4BEF-8C4F-88A0D425BB7A/ is my Test Cal 2/calendars/home/ Home Calendar, believe this is main calendar/2003926771/calendars/work/ Work CalendarBut I am not sure about the purpose o...Read more

icalendar - iCloud calendar Delete Event Request not working with caldav

Iam using caldav-client-v2.php library to read calendar events from iCloud calendars,GetEvents() function returns array of calendar data wich contains ics url and etag,which are passed to the DoDELETERequest(href,etag) for deleteing event,this is working for owncloud calendar, but when i try to do this for iCloud it is not deleting the event and returns the error as 'Wrong entity tag' the tag is something like this FT=-@RU=5c162550-1ccc-4821-80d6-e2fab587c348@S=1685i tried passing 5c162550-1ccc-4821-80d6-e2fab587c348 to the function, but i get...Read more

icloud caldav returning 401 unauthorized

Was using caldav to access icloud calendar, it was working fine. Today, all the requests in my postman collection started to get 401 from caldav.icloud.comI am accessing my own personal account to test, double checked my password hundred times, still not working.Request:PROPFIND / HTTP/1.1Host: caldav.icloud.comAuthorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxContent-Type: application/xmlCache-Control: no-cachePostman-Token: 39b27b44-0a6f-b351-540f-f9446df618d0<propfind xmlns='DAV:'> <prop> <current-...Read more

CalDav Client for iCloud: MKCOL fails with 412 precondition failed

I need help. I implemented a CalDav Client on our System and it worked like a charm. Now I have some problems with creating new calendars on iCloud. Maybe some of you know how I can fix this.Currently I get a 412 Error.Headers:"Depth: 1""Content-Type: application/xml; charset=UTF-8""User-Agent: DAVKit/4.0.1 (730); CalendarStore/4.0.1 (973); iCal/4.0.1 (1374); Mac OS X/10.6.2 (10C540)"`Request: `MKCOL`Body: <D:mkcol xmlns:D="DAV:" xmlns:C="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:caldav"> <D:set> <D:prop> <D:resourcetype>...Read more

icloud - iOS query update not working

Can someone point me in the right direction to find out how to correctly monitor when files change in the app iCloud container? I've based my code on Apple and other iCloud tutorials I've reviewed, but none of them deal with updates to the iCloud container, just using initial queries. I've been working on this for three weeks now with no success. I use UIDocument in an app saving to the app iCloud container. Since UIDocument sends no notice when a document is added, I can't update the app on another iOS device when the app is running on multi...Read more

icloud - Is there any spec on BookmarkDAV?

Tinkering with iCloud I found out that it is using some tweaked form of WebDAV to store and sync calendars, contacts... and bookmarks. I got some specs on CalDAV and CardDAV searching in Google, but for bookmarks Apple seems to have developed its own BookmarkDAV protocol. Is there any documentation on this protocol available?...Read more

How to save files when iCloud not enabled, and then becomes enabled

According to apple's iCloud docs: Every user with an Apple ID receives a free iCloud account but some users might choose not to enable iCloud for a given device. Before you try to use any other iCloud interfaces, you must call the URLForUbiquityContainerIdentifier: method to determine if iCloud is enabled. This method returns a valid URL when iCloud is enabled (and the specified container directory is available) or nil when iCloud is disabled.If URLForUbiquityContainerIdentifier: returns nil, then I presume you have to save to the user's docum...Read more

webdav - How to remove duplicate event entires from Caldav client for iCloud calendar

I am working on a Caldav client for iCloud Calendar. When we request for the list of calendars there are few calendars as follows which are not visible in the iCloud interface./calendars/notification/, /calendars/tasks/, /calendars/inbox/Along with normal calendars like. /calendars/home/, /calendars/work/The issue is some events in home calendar are duplicated in inbox calendar also. To create this case invite someone to an event, So this event will appear in his home calendar and inbox calendar. How can we remove these duplicate entries. Can w...Read more

icloud - Error while parsing ics for caldav

iCal .net version -: 2.3.3I am getting following error while parsing ics using ical .Net -:expecting "END", found '105'expecting "END", found '1047'expecting "END", found '102'expecting "END", found '1000'expecting "END", found '1'expecting "END", found '"'expecting "COLON", found '.'expecting "COLON", found ','expecting "COLON", found ' 'expecting "COLON", found ' 'This is happening only on few accounts/events....Read more

icalendar - CALDAV add event in icloud with notes

I have implemented caldav api's to manage icloud calendar and everything working as expected. But now I am trying sent event with description includes html content instead of plain text. I had done my research and couldn't be success.Below is sample API and screenshot of event in icloud calendar.PUT /home/meeting.ics HTTP/1.1Host: ...Content-Length: ...Content-Type: text/calendar; charset=utf-8BEGIN:VCALENDARBEGIN:VEVENTUID:test123SUMMARY:Test EventDESCRIPTION:Hi User <br/><br/> Text...<br/>Note : </br><br/>Thank ...Read more

nsnotification - iOS application with local and iCloud support

If the ubiquity container (iCloud folder) is not available for whatever reason, I add any new documents to the users 'Documents' directory, however, should it become available again I add the documents to the ubiquity container.My question is, what is the best method to saving documents seen as a ubiquity container is so unreliable?For example, if a user switches off documents in the cloud, those documents are deleted. Is there a notification to listen out for when this happens so I can transfer them to the local directory?And vice versa, if a ...Read more