Icenium Has No Server-Side IIS-Like Host, Correct?

If I have a working ASP.NET MVC 4 application with MVC in IIS on the back end and Angular and other scripts on the front end, and I'm looking to port that to Icenium to get it into app stores, is it correct to assume that any dynamic "server-side" stuff is outside of the scope of what Icenium will handle? In other words, the server-side implementations of any AJAX calls, etc., will not be present in the application and I'll have to make the client-side code act as though it's communicating with an external third-party API (perhaps with new con...Read more

icenium - Sample Barcode Scanner App does not work in android

I tried to run the sample barcode scanner example provided with icenium. The ios build works well, but I get an error when running the android build.[Web Console] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'barcodeScanner' of undefined:33The ios version I am testing on is ios 7.1.The android version is 4.1.2.Thanks in advance for any assistance with this issue....Read more