iccube reporting - Custom Calendar widget, how to consume an event?

I've created a calendar widget like the one in the livedemo - Widget Template - Filter / Fire Event (https://www.iccube.com/livedemo/?ic3Report=%2Fshared%2FLive+Demo%2F3+-+How+to%2FWidget+Template+-+Filter+%252F+Event).Now I want to use an event from another widget e.g. a button to set the current date. I've configured the widget with the do Set Selection event in the Events configuration:But when I trigger that event by pushing the button, nothing happens and a error is shown in the notifications-box:The browsers console also shows an error: ...Read more

iccube reporting - Dashboard desktop lay-out responsive?

Building icCube dashboards for different devices is handled via lay-outs. This works nice. But when it comes to desktop dashboards, there is a wide range of screen-sizes and resolutions and you can make only one desktop lay-out.For example, I've a 15" laptop for on the read that is connected to a 27" monitor on my workbench if I'm in the office. On my monitor I've far more space to have more widgets then on my laptop screen. It would be nice to create separate lay-out for different screen-sizes / screen-resolutions or make a responsive dashboar...Read more

iccube reporting - Calculated Measure with parameter

I have Measures like revenue, count_clickouts, count_impressions etc. and I would like to create calculated Measures with these Measures in a fixed time range (e.g. revenue_last_year).Of course I can create one calculated Measure per possible combination of Measure and time range, but is it possible, to create one calculated Measure with parameters both in the name and the definition.I tried something like this:with member [Measure].[@{measure}_last_@{time_unit}] as sum(@{time_unit}.last_member.previous_member,@{measure})So far I couldn't make ...Read more

Where are the capabilities of the iccube's web user interface for creating a report described?

When one points his browser to http://localhost:8282/icCube/doc/ic3report, he is taken to a web user interface for creating a report. I looked through iccube documentation (which is admittedly very extensive), but could not find a description of this web user interface and its capabilities. If someone was able to find it, I will very much appreciate a pointer....Read more

When launching icCube report how can I get the user name

in ic3Report.html file, is it possible to get the user name in the callback function ?var options = { root: "ic3-report/app/", rootLocal: "ic3-report/app-local/", rootVersion: "_IC3_ROOT_VERSION_", callback: function () { $('#intro').remove(); window.ic3application = ic3.startReport( { <!-- ic3-start-report-options (DO NOT REMOVE - USED TO GENERATE FILES) --> }); // get user name here ! } };...Read more

icCube - cumulative total in a chart

I have an icCube serial chart that displays a measure for a list of items, ordered from large to small.I would like to use to display the cumulative total without using MDX, but using the function expression builder. Unfortunately I can not get it to work I I probably do something wrong in the syntax.Does someone know how to make a javascript construction to get the cumulative value.For example. the MDX result gives:item1 10item2 6item3 2I would like the widget to present the data as:item1 10item2 16 ( 10 + 6 )item3 18 ( 10 + 6 + 2 )And...Read more

Anonymous access to icCube exported permanent link

I am using icCube version 5.2 Community Edition.I created a schema + report as admin, and it all works ok. Then I am trying to provide access to this report from a web application deployed into Tomcat 7. But ideally, I would like this to be done without icCube requesting the user for authentication.I tried so far to save the report under anonymous, but that did not work as icCube still requires authentication. icCube server is deployed on a secured server so I could do without its integrated authentication process as well if that makes things e...Read more