hydration - How to take a drink while riding?

How do you drink while riding? What would you tell a new rider who is having difficulty getting a drink without stopping or slowing a lot?Assume the bike has bottle cages in the usual places, and we're not talking about hydration bladder backpacks.Question is purely about getting liquid into the mouth, not what should be in the bottle.Inspired by this comment https://imgur.com/gallery/o95PAOs/comment/1167254453...Read more

Hydration rucksacks on and off the bike?

I suffer from diabetes insipidus, body fluids and inability to keep them inside.I'm not a fan of using a rucksack on a ride, prefer the bike to carry the weight, but am wondering if a small hydration pack would be good for riding and walking when off the bike? Ideally I'd use some hydration mix, rather than just plain water. A good idea or would I be better with the bigger, 660 ml, water bottle and carry that in a handlebar bag over my shoulder when off the bike?...Read more

hydration - What are the short term effects of caffeine on workout?

Note that this question is related to Excessive caffeine consumption effect on heart/body. The question and answers however only cover long term usage effects, I want to know about the short term effects.Which effects does consumption of caffeine during workout have?I usually drink one or two 0.7l bottles of water before, during and after workout. I drink about one or two cans of tea daily, and was wondering if it has a detrimental effect when I keep drinking tea instead of water while working out.I also noticed that some pulverized energy drin...Read more

hydration - Formula for Homemade sports drinks

I am interested in home-made sports drinks. I have used "Hammer Nutrition" products, but I could probably put it together myself, just by using the key ingredients. Anyhow, has anyone done this? And, how do you determine the carb/fat/protein + vitamin/mineral ratios?A couple of years ago I ran across an FRS ad on a cycling site. Since Lance was promoting it, I took a look at the claims. Basically, the FRS products contain sugar, some vitamins, plus supplements of Quercetin and Catechin. The main benefit claim for FRS turns out to be the quercet...Read more

equipment - What hydration system should I use for multiple activities?

Looking for a hydration pack/system that I can use for cycling, running, snowboarding and (by removing the bladder and putting it into my travel pack) backpacking across Europe.My requirements are pretty simple:Small2L capacity (or around that mark)LightMinimal - no extra storage or other bells and whistles are necessaryReasonably strong/good qualityWhat do you recommend?At this stage I'm interested in this bag by Deuter.I will actually be using it for a lot more snow boarding than anything as it is now winter in Melbourne, so the smaller the b...Read more