httpd.conf - setting ServerName with Augeas

I am trying to use a Augeas resource to set the ServerName in my httpd.conf like so ...# configure Apache HTTP serveraugeas { 'ServerName': context => '/files/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf', changes => "set ServerName ${controller_name}",} ->... but I get this error:[Debug: Augeas[ServerName](provider=augeas): Opening augeas with root /, lens path , flags 32^[[0m[Debug: Augeas[ServerName](provider=augeas): Augeas version 1.2.0 is installed^[[0m[Debug: Augeas[ServerName](provider=augeas): Will attempt to save and only run if files cha...Read more

httpd.conf - Apache memory leak

I am using Apache 2.2 on Windows and I can see steady increase in memory for httpd process. I used FastMM memory manager to find memory leaks and while I found some and cleared them and while FastMM is not finding anything anymore, my httpd memory still keeps increasing until it reaches ~2GB cap and crashes.What are some good strategies / tools to deal with such situations?This is not a website and there is no PHP involved. We have our custom Apache module (.so) which acts as a server handling SOAP requests that can do inserts, deletes, updat...Read more

httpd.conf - After publishing the url on public domain, I can see the IBM HTTP Server's default page but not the application

The public url that we are trying to access is hitting the url https://hostname.domain:port/ of the IBM HTTP ServerWe are using Amazon cloud. There is an ELB and WAF also involved. (But this is not the issue)I need to change the request url to https://hostname.domainname:port/some_path_file_directory/XYZ.jspAlso, i need to do this internally. (Without showing the rewriting)This i need to do in the httpd.conf file. I tried many scenarios but still not able to find the solution for it. I have tried rewrite but I am not sure where exactly to place...Read more

httpd.conf - Why is my <Perl> section variable only available sometimes under mod_perl?

In httpd.conf I have:<Perl> $MyPackage::foo = { ... };</Perl>According to the docs, this should, since it's qualified, persist into my perl scripts, which are run with the modperl handler. And sometimes they do. But then all I need to do is touch, and all of the sudden $MyPackage::foo is now undef. Restart the web server, and it works again.Anybody have an end to my tears?My best guess is that the block only gets run once, when the .conf is parsed, and then a new thread picks up the reloaded file. But why doesn't ...Read more

httpd.conf - Full Httpd bundled with Mod Cluster does not work - error

Playing around with Mod Cluster and following the documentation at section 2.6 I started my httpd/opt/jboss/httpd/sbin/apachectl startThe httpd was from the FULL Httpd, Mod Cluster, SSL bundle they have up for download. Got the error:error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory....Read more

httpd.conf - Apache Log format timestamp unable to get timezone offset

LogFormat "{ \ \"@timestamp\": \"%{%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%Z}t\", \ \"@version\": \"1\", \ \"clientip\": \"%a\", \ \"status\": %>s, \ \"bytes\": %B, \ \"request\": \"%U%q\", \ \"referer\": \"%{Referer}i\", \ \"useragent\": \"%{User-agent}i\" \ }" combinedJSONOutputs name of timestamp instead of +0400 for example:"@timestamp": "2016-08-29T16:50:37 Pacific Daylight Time", Should be:"@timestamp": "2016-08-29T16:50:37 -0700", Is there no way to extract the timezone offset instead of the t...Read more

httpd.conf - httpd with SSL will not start on OpenBSD 5.9 (amd64)

On the latest OpenBSD (5.9/amd64 at, I'm able to start httpd without SSL using this httpd.conf file...# cat /etc/httpd.confinterface="egress"domain=""prefork 3types { include "/usr/share/misc/mime.types" }#server $domain {# listen on $interface tls port 443# tls {# certificate "/etc/ssl/server.crt"# key "/etc/ssl/private/server.key"# }# hsts# root "/htdocs/" # chrooted at /var/www/#}server $domain { listen on $interface port 80 root "/htdocs/" # chrooted at /var/...Read more

Modifying the httpd.conf file

I'm trying to use a "php include" in a file with an html extension. I found that same question and the solution here at 'stack' however the answer/solution also included instructions to modify the 'httpd.conf' file by adding this line: AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .htm .htmlI don't see that "httpd-conf" file anywhere in the file list that's on my hosting server. This is question/answer/solution entry I'm referencing. PHP Include for HTML?...Read more

httpd.conf - Add file to /etc/httpd/conf.d with elastic beanstalk

I created a .ebextensions directory in the root of my project and added a conf file to add a file to /etc/httpd/conf.d but I don't see the results when I ssh to my instance. I've made two attempts:(1) First AttemptFollowing this AWS forum post, I created .ebextensions/update.conf with this content:files: "/etc/httpd/conf.d/update.conf": mode: "000644" owner: root group: root encoding: plain content: | TraceEnable offI ran the above through a YAML linter to make sure the format is correct. (2) Second AttemptFollowing the AW...Read more

I need to make changes to my httpd.conf i cant find it

I am attempting to host a second website on my magento platform however this requires me to make some changes to the httpd.conf file on my server. Only problem is i cant find this file anywhere. I'm using centos 6 and in the file system iv tried trying to find and it doesn't seem to exists iv tried finding it using the shell and the c panel file manager.Is there any chance it could have a different name im so confused.Help is much appreciated, cheers in advance....Read more

httpd.conf - Lighttpd redirect

I am re-jigging my website and would like to redirect (not rewrite but not hang up on this) the majority of requests to *.php files to their equivalent *.html files. I have placed all the files I do not want redirected in one folder aptly named excluded, so I can filter the redirect rule on that folder. Here's what I have in my lighttpd.conf file:$HTTP["url"] !~ "^/excluded/" { $HTTP["url"] =~ "^(.*)\.php(.*)" { # this is where I want the redirect rule }}EDIT: I am not sure whether I am missing a $ at the end of the second conditional rule...Read more