html5 - How to display a footer line above the footer using the pdfkit library in python?

Background InfoI have the following Python code that I want to use to generate a pdf file. It uses the pdfkit library. import pdfkit # import python moduleif __name__=="__main__": options = { 'page-size': 'Letter', 'margin-top': '0.5in', 'margin-right': '0.75in', 'margin-bottom': '0.5in', 'margin-left': '0.75in', 'encoding': "UTF-8", 'footer-left': "This is a footer", 'footer-font-size':'7', 'footer-right': '[page] of [topage]', 'custom-header' : [ ...Read more

html5 - Trapezium without border-color

I want to create two trapezoids in css.I can not use the border color because I want to give shapes background-image. Everything should explain the picture. In both div will put i some text. Can I use html, css, js, svg just do not know how. more

html5 - <mat-select> multiple choice (formControl)

Im using Angular material's for multipe choice purpose like mentioned in their site (8th example). I also have an array of items (key and value) which are a part of the choices([key:1 value:extra cheese, key:2 value:onion])... I want them to be automatically selected (probably using formController) ... how can I do this?plus, after the user selected/ unselectedsome options how do i get a new array back ?thank you in advance!...Read more

html5 - Why can't pattern attribute and formControl be used for the same email field?

I do have an e-mail field and I use the attribute pattern for the RegEx check.<input matInput formControlName="email" name="email" pattern="^\w+([d\\+1\.-]?\w+)*@\w+([\.-]?\w+)*(\.\w{2,3})+$" #inputMail>The browser behaves in a way strange if the email is too long e.g. In other words, the browser freezes and hangs.. nothing is happening. I can't even close the browser - chrome in this case.If I remove the attribute pattern or formControlName, then it works straight forward and I can type an e-mai...Read more

html5 - How to create sub-categories in Shopify?

I want to create subcategories in Shopify as the following: /collection/sub-categories/sub-categories1/productName.I already had a look at their documentation, but that isn't working since I have a lot of tags and all tags are appearing above the result page.ScreenshotIs there any way to create this and create the URL as I wanted?Thanks!...Read more

html5 - Flexbox login page

Well i am not a great designer but i am loving this flexbox.I am making a small login form demo with flexbox using angular 5 material.I wish to divide my login form into 2 parts.I am trying to make it responsive fully .here is what i am looking for : my login imageSo far i have done only this:login.component.html<div class="login-container"> <mat-card class="mat-elevation-z12"> <mat-card-content> </mat-card-content> </mat-card></div>login.component.scss.login-container { height: 100vh; width: 100%; ...Read more

html5 - How to Code a Picture to Use it as a Display Screen?

I am creating a random quote machine, and thinking about using the visor on a motorcycle helmet as the display screen? Is that possible? Or is that totally impossible to achieve with code?Here is the link to the picture that I plan to use:I would like to have the quotes from my random quote generator displayed on the glass visor of the helmet. Thanks in advance for your help!...Read more

html5 - where is my html page in visual studio?

I know I need to put my image in the html folder of my project in order to be able to display it .When I use it doesn't display anything only the given alt tag of the picture. I was wondering if it will work if I put my P7220399.JPG image in the folder where my .sln project file is located, but it doesn't seem to work that way either! I am using visual studio. <header> <img src="P7220399.JPG" alt ="win" title ="products" style ="width: 304px;height:228px;"/> </header>in the example above the .JPG is in the proje...Read more

Play infinitely looping video on-load in HTML5

I'm looking to place a video in an HTML5 page that will begin playing on page-load, and once completed, loop back to the beginning without a break. The video should also NOT have any controls associated with it, and either be compatible with all 'modern' browsers, or have the option of a polyfill.Previously I would have done this via Flash and FLVPlayback, but I would prefer to steer clear of Flash in the HTML5 sphere. I'm thinking I could use javascript's setTimeout to create a smooth loop, but what should I use to embed the video itself? Is t...Read more

html5 - Why Are the Icons Not Displaying On Web

I have a web site . And icons are displaying on local but are not displaying on web. For example under the slider there must be an thumb. "<span class="icon icon-thumbs-up3"></span>"There are icomoon.eot ,svg ,ttf, woff files in css/fonts folder. What is the problem?...Read more

html5 - SVG image shows up fine in chrome and ie but is distorted in Firefox

For some reason, my SVG image looks distorted while viewing it on FireFox. I'm not sure how to fix this. I saw someone post an answer to a similar problem which was <img srcset=".svg" src=".png"> <!--for browsers that don't support SVG'S--> but this didn't resolve my issue. Any help would be appreciated so I can spread the word if anyone else has this problem in the future. Thanks!<link href="" rel="stylesheet"/> <!-- Nav Bar --> <nav class="navbar...Read more

html5 - how to display these ionic input field value properly?

<ion-grid> <ion-item> <ion-label col-5 inline>Building Type</ion-label> <ion-select type="text" formControlName="ml_build_type"> <ion-option value="VILLA">Villa</ion-option> <ion-option value="BLGD">Building</ion-option> </ion-select> </ion-item> <ion-row> <ion-item col-6 inline> <ion-label >Name/Number</ion-label> <ion-input type="text" formControlName="ml_build" ></ion-inp...Read more

html5 - PrimeNG Turbotable expand by default

I have a PrimeNg turbotable with row expansion feature.How can I expand the rows by default.Here is my Code : HTML<p-table [columns]="cols" [value]="cars" dataKey="vin"><ng-template pTemplate="header" let-columns> <tr> <th style="width: 2.25em"></th> <th *ngFor="let col of columns"> {{col.header}} </th> </tr></ng-template><ng-template pTemplate="body" let-rowData let-expanded="expanded" let-columns="columns"> <tr> <td> ...Read more