HTC Dream keeps on showing power options screen

I have an HTC Dream cell phone which was working fine till last night. Today morning I woke up to find that the cell phone battery had completely discharged. So, I replaced the battery with an extra one. I powered on the cell phone and I am surprised to find the "power options" screen turn up every few seconds. Pressing any button also makes the "power options" screen turn up. I tried resetting the cell phone to factory settings. I even tried a hard reset but still this problem persists. Any idea how I could solve the problem?Thanks in advance....Read more

htc dream - G1 Unable to get past android boot logo

I have a T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream), this morning it vibrated once and then restarted, it then went to the android boot logo went through that and stopped at a black screen.I've tried pulling the battery and restarting but it has the same problem.The phone is rooted but it has NO custom boot screen, boot loader, rom. It has stock everything apart from the ability to use root.Running Android 1.6Anyone any suggestions, I intend to take it back to T-Mobile tomorrow night when they have late opening hours, but I'd like to get it working before then....Read more

htc dream - Activating and upgrading HTC G1 w/o a data plan or a sim?

So I got myself a used G1 from a local guy. The main reason for purchasing this phone was that I needed a quad-band GSM phone for my visits abroad. Then, I thought why not put a few more $$ and get a smartphone that I can use as a PDA when in the US (as I don't have/want a cell phone nor an active voice or data plans).The 1st problem I encountered was that in order to turn on the phone, I had to activate it by registering my Gmail account. But, in order to get to that point, I had to overcome the "No SIM card" screen, and to activate the WiFi c...Read more

htc dream - G1 Misbehaving -- can I (should I?) reinstall donut?

I have an unlocked G1 (b/c I am stuck with an AT&T contract) that recently started to do a lot of weird things all at once. Most notably, it rings but does not show the caller or allow me to pickup. The home key no longer does anything, and when I hold down the power key I see only the "power off" option -- no airline mode or silent mode.I can make calls just fine but this is obviously an issue. I've managed to get root on the phone (via UniversalAndroot) and BusyBox and i've been reading this: bu...Read more