Error while creating new data file in HP-Exstream

I am trying to create a data file for my application with XML as input and map it to my HP Exstream variables. But when I am trying to save the file it is giving me error "No customer-level tag specified! Engine will not process.". I am not sure how to resolve this error. There is no customer level information I want in my input. Can anyone explain what is this error and how to resolve it?...Read more

hp exstream object was not found error

My application was working fine, there was no error when I built package file last time. Today I made a small change, then I built package file. This time I got an error coded EX002573. Details said, Required object (Library Rule OI 5452 used by "Page component XXXX") is not included in the application. Other objects referring to this one are invalid.If I click on the error, following info is showing up.Report: The object in question was not found in the database.Action: Update the object or remove it from the application.The change I made is a...Read more

hp exstream - How does –PKGSTYLESHEETMODE=1 work

I created an HP Extreme package without this setting and it cause a huge black box to appear on my output. After packaging with –PKGSTYLESHEETMODE=1 enabled, it seems to have fixed the problem. No one in my area know exactly what this switch does, we were just told to use it when the black box happens.Can anyone explain what this does and how it affects the actual package?...Read more