How can I set tmux hotkey as Ctrl-, that is, Ctrl+comma

I've got some trouble when setting my preferred tmux hotkey on Mac OS X.The most common hotkeys that invokes tmux's magics are CTRL+A and CTRL+B. But I would rather select other keystrokes for the following reasons: C-a is the global hot key for "jumping to the beginning of a line"; C-b is for "moving backward on a line" and "Page UP in Vim". I don't want to break these nice rules in tmux.So, I try to set some non-so-frequently-used keystrokes for tmux hotkey. What I choose is CTRL-, , CTRL-., or CTRL-;I write this statement in my .tmux.conf fi...Read more

autohotkey - hotkey commands -- can't get them to work

I'm just learning to use AHK, and I'm very frustrated by the fact that no hotkey commands starting with #, ^ or ! leads to any action at all. First I tried the script by Andreas Borutta for simple inputting of a selected string in the script -- no reaction. Then I tried a number of other hotkey combinations; still no reaction.I have checked the FAQ and the documentation but cannot see that I should do anything in particular to get these commands to work. (The "ordinary" ::x::y script format works fine.)Regards,Mats Linder...Read more

autohotkey - Can I use InputBox to input a Hotkey?

I'd like to use InputBox to enter the keys that would subsequently be used to activate a Hotkey While I am able to input the data using the script below, I don't know to make it available as a HotkeyInputBox, UserID, UserID, Enter your UserID,,150, 120If ErrorLevel ExitInputBox, password, Password, Enter your Password, HIDE, 150, 120 If ErrorLevel ExitPrompt := "Create your shortcut using any`ncombination of keys including `n^ for Ctrl`n# for Windows`n! for Alt`nin combination with another key."InputBox, Shortcut, Shortcut, %Prompt%,,220...Read more

keyboard hook - How can I create a global hotkey combination that includes the windows key?

I'm using SetWindowsHookEx to capture the keyboard in order to show a running application. I can create combinations using CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, and regular keys. However I can't create a combination using the WINDOWS key (for example, CTRL + WINDOWS + A).I've seen articles about capturing the WINDOWS key in isolation (such as to prevent the Windows 8 start screen when a game is running), but never to create a combination.I know it's possible to capture these combinations as software such as AutoHotKey does it.Is SetWindowsHookEx the wrong way to...Read more

Autohotkey hotkey handlers fall through/continue to lines below

I’m having some trouble with Autohotkey. I have a script with a few hotkeys but it seems that when a hotkey is pressed, not only does its handler run, but so do all lines below it, including the contents of other hotkey handlers. Below is a demonstrative example.What is the problem? How can I get Autohotkey to execute only the lines specified in the handler?#SingleInstance force;Main loopWhile 1{};Hotkeys:;Quit with Ctrl+Q^q::{ MsgBox Quitting ExitApp}^s::{ MsgBox Hotkey1}MsgBox 1^a::{ MsgBox Hotkey2}MsgBox 2...Read more

Git Tower hotkey (low priority)

Myself and coworker both have the same version of Git Tower, when he is focused on an uncommitted change and hits the spacebar, the file is staged for a commit. When I hit the spacebar nothing happens. What's up with that? I like my hot keys! The spacebar checks boxes in my browsers but not in Git Tower. Like I said in the title, this is a "I'm being lazy and don't want to use the mouse, low priority" question.Thanks...Read more

hotkeys - Hot keys to avoid

I want to add a hot key that can be used while an input has focus and will be used to toggle a search result.I guess this question has been more generalized in that I would like to know which hotkeys to avoid so as to not conflict with anything. I found this list of hotkeys, but I doubt there is a complete list anywhere. So from looking over that list, I guess I would avoid the following:Function Keys: F1, F3, F5, F11, F12Navigation: Tab, arrows, home, end, pageup/down, home, end, insert, delete, numpadCtrl + (a, c, d, f, h, j, n, o, p, r, s, t...Read more