Iron in Hot Water Heater

My water has a lot of iron in it so I have a water softener to take care of that. The problem is I forgot to check it and it ran out of salt. The majority of my house is fine (I have to better clean my toilet tanks still), but my hot water heater appears to be giving out brown water now. I am in the middle of draining it now so that I can flush it, but I am wondering if there is anything else I should do to care of this? Is solving this problem something for a professional or do I just need to keep flushing it out until the problem is solved?...Read more

Summertime hot water in the cold lines

I have an oil fired boiler (baseboard) that also heats my hot water. The hot water has a line from the cold supply to feed the system then it circulates through the boiler and into a tank for storage.I've noticed in the summertime, I get a lot of hot water in the cold lines. When I run the cold tap and it comes out hot, it goes back to cold in 30 seconds or so. What I'm suspecting is that the pressure on the supply line is dropping here and there throughout the day; lots of irrigation around here and backflow prevention on the supply line. ...Read more

No hot water after teeing to outside spigot

I recently saw an outside cold and hot water spigot on This Old House. After checking out prices, I decided I'd make my own redneck warm water spigot by bringing a hot water line close to the outlet and teeing into the cold water line. It worked ok, the water out of the spigot was warm enough to wash off without gasping for air. However, the house no longer has hot water unless the spigot is running....I believe this is due to an overall pressure reduction of the water running through the hot water heater. It must be easier for the cold wate...Read more

Dedicated Hot Water Recirculating System Woes

Two plumbers and no remedies to why my hot water turns cold (but not as cold as the cold water rather slightly warmer). This problem began to happen gradually and it occurs at every hot water faucet/shower through out the housePlumber No. 1: Hot water heater is fineReplaced the shower (moen) faucet valves. No changeTurned off the recirculating pump (and ball valve before and after pump). Endless hot water but hot water pressure throughout the house is dramatically reduced -- 25 percent of the water pressure available on the cold side)Plumbe...Read more

Fast hot water - tankless heater as backup or recirculator

My master bathroom is the farthest from my electric water heater (traditional with a tank) on the other side of the house. All other faucets are much closer and receive quick hot water. During the bathroom remodel I've been spoiled using the guest bath that is directly adjacent to the hot water heater with instant hot water. I've looked into recirculating pumps but they seem to waste quite a bit of electricity having hot water in the pipes all the time. My pipes are mostly in the unconditioned crawlspace, however, they are insulated with fiberg...Read more

pest control - Can you use aluminum foil around gap at floor of hot water tank then seal?

Fairly big gap at floor around pipes of hot water tank. For mice prevention I read some where you could fill gap with aluminum foil then seal. Is this correct. If so what kind of sealant should be used? Need help right away. Not sure but I think they might be chewing the insulation. Right now I’m using cotton balls soaked in Peppermint Oil, undiluted, in small glass containers (3) around the hot water tank. I did find 1 mouse that came through a gap around an electrical outlet. Had Peppermint Oil placed on floor under the outlet. The mo...Read more

Vent to outside in gas hot water heater closet, can I seal it?

In my laundry room I have a closet with a gas hot water heater and on the wall to the outside in this closet are two vents going outside. This obviously presents a heat leak as you can feel the cold air coming into the laundry room. I would like to close this up but I am not sure if that would present an issue due to the hot water heater being gas. Is there a reason those vents are there and is there anything I can do about it?...Read more

No electric current going into Water Heater

We bought a brand new water heater back in November. Came home last night to no hot water. Check circuit breaker and it wasn't tripped. Turned it off an on anyway. Nothing. Hit reset button on thermostat, nothing. Check for electric current per manufacturers instructions and there was nothing. Put in a new circuit breaker. Still nothing. What else could it be?...Read more

Do modern washers heat the water if below cycle temp?

As my house is currently without hot water (heater broken), I am curious if my washer has a heating element to regulate the water temp if what comes out of the pipes is below the cycle required temperature. I would like to wash some underwear as I have no clean left but would like to use a warm cycle.I was told that it is OK to use my dishwasher with incoming cold water because the DW has a heating element to regulate the water temp, it will just take longer. But I was wondering if a modern clothes washer will do the same....Read more