Running sshd behind home router: forwarding port 22 breaks my ability to browse the internet

I'm trying to run an sshd behind a home router (a D-Link DIR-655). Whenever I use the router's configuration program to forward port 22 to the box running sshd, the web becomes inaccessible from all computers behind the router. What might cause this problem? (I'm a beginner when it comes to home networking and server setup.)Also I couldn't determine whether this belonged on SuperUser or ServerFault; I went with SuperUser since it's a home problem. Sorry if that was incorrect!Steps I took:After logging into the router, I went to the "Advanced" t...Read more

home networking - How to prevent Outlook from receiving multiple copies of the same email

This question might be asked already, but it's different from this one.My boss has Outlook 2003, when he synchronize his emails while connecting through the local server (using Exchange I guess) he gets his emails normally.Once he is outside (not connection to our LAN) he gets each email duplicated 3 or 4 times.Does anyone experienced this before? and how can we fix this?Please no links to FAQ pages. For info, we are using Kaspersky anti virus and Windows 2003 server, with windows XP clients.[Update]Actually we have a bunch of 5 or 6 email acco...Read more

home networking - Can I get ethernet out of my Verizon FIOS set-top box?

Setup: my home network is long & skinny, and the FIOS-connected router is all the way at one of the apartment. At the other end, far away (and a floor higher) is my HD TV, which gets a cable-TV signal from a Verizon set-top box that is coax-connected back to the FIOS on-premises equipment. Wi-Fi won't work, the apartment is too stretched out, with old, thick walls and floors.Goal: I think there are three ways to get ethernet back to where the HD TV is:1) run a cable! this isn't crazy but isn't cheap either (my building won't let me do it...Read more

Getting home prewired network jacks to work

Thank you for any help Moved into a new house and hooked up all my TVs, wireless internet, music, etc throughout the house, but i just dont understand how to get the wired ethernet jacks working. Everything else i have gotten to work. Sorry its kind of a messHere are some pictures. Ive tried plugging a cord from the switch to everything i could think of in the patch panel/box whatever its called, but nothing i do seems to work. Any suggestions? Thank youHeres pics of whatevers in the room more

home networking - How to configure a DD-WRT (micro) secondary router to prevent LAN access on a specified schedule?

I have a NetGear WiFi router configured as the main gateway for internet access in my home, and a secondary router (a Linksys wrt54GS loaded with DD-WRT v24-sp2 micro), configured with a different SSID, for my kids to use to access the internet. My goal in using DD-WRT is to be able to let my kids use the household Wi-Fi, but to adhere to an electronics curfew during evening hours, so they are not snap-chatting till the wee hours of the morning. Here is the link I used to configure my DD-WRT. Basically my DD-WRT WiFi router is:Configured in...Read more

home networking - Pooling 2 internet connections

I am looking for ways to pool 2 or more connections. The "basic need" is to use the best connection if one is slow, or not really reaching the Internet, but more sophisticated combinations are of course useful.I am thinking of:PC (Windows, perhaps Mac, Linux) with LAN and Wi-FI (Easiest, I presume)Router (dd-wrt) - Would like to pool the Internet gateway (WAN) and a LAN client with Wi-FI (What I need most)Android DevicesWi-Fi cards poling different hotspots.More advanced use would be utilizing both connections. For example one to the max, t...Read more

home networking - Access Dynamic Domain Name Via WAN, and while on network

RouterRunning DD-WRT v24DNSMasq is enabledDynDNS is enabled, routing TLD domain to my Dynamic IP Port Fowarding rules enabled for, WAN 2152 -> LAN 80External Accessible Services- Remote Web Server running @: on port 80 which runs a web interface for my raspberry piThe ProblemIf my phone is off the Wireless network i can access fine. However if i am on the local wireless or wired network. I have to use http://<localhostname>:<port> e.g; http://garagedoor. in order to a...Read more

home networking - Looking for the ability to create multiple SSID

My problem is this:I am looking for a home-grade or Soho solution to allow me to provision multiple SSID's on one single router or AP. (5 or more SSID's)While I'm not looking for a specific model or shopping recommendations, I am interested in the performance characteristics & experiences people have had with different vendors & model series.I'm not interested in any of the models that allow one main SSID and one guest SSID (like the Linksys small business AP's)What access points out there would allow the user to configure multiple SSID...Read more

isp - What is the correct name for the node through which the internet “enters” a home network?

I hate asking this question because it seems like the answer should be obvious but I can't think of it.I don't mean the box on the outside of the home. I mean the box in the home that usually connects to an RJ45 and then usually acts as the wireless access point for the home network.I would call it a "router" because that's the word that's used in casual language but I don't think that's technically correct in this context because just calling it a router provides no indication that the internet is entering the home through it; there are router...Read more

home networking - What could be causing this packet loss on my broadband cable connection?

My home internet has been unreliable for the past month and so far my ISP has been at a loss to figure out why, so I want to make sure I've ruled out all possible causes on my end. I have a 150/15 cable internet connection which I get through a local ISP who resells from a larger ISP that owns the infrastructure. For the past month or so, my connection seems to work fine for a few seconds, then it drops all packets for a few seconds, then works fine again for a bit. This results in streaming issues, web pages failing to load, etc. Working from ...Read more

home networking - ACTIONTEC C1900A VDSL modem: telnet shell password?

I have an ACTIONTEC C1900A ADSL/VDSL modem (CenturyLink branding).The device has the most recent firmware installed (CAB005-31.30L.96).When I telnet to the device and run the sh command to get to the shell, here's what the session looks like:PS C:\> telnet xDSL Router===Login: adminPassword: <entered my telnet password>> shPlease input shell credential to loginLogin:I tried a username of admin and my telnet password, but all I get is:Please input shell credential to loginLogin:adminPassword: <entered my te...Read more

Home Network with two routers

My home network was using a linksys WRT54GL in the "traditional" - WAN port is hooked to the DSL modem, once of the ports on the linksys goes to another switch and most of the computers in the house are wired to that 2nd switch. Everything was using the default 192.169.1.x subnet, so it looks like: Wireless Devices | [Modem] <-> [Linksys] <-> [Switch] | | Computer1 ComputersLast week, I upgraded my inte...Read more

Any recommendations on a NAS for a home-super-user?

Can anyone recommend a good NAS for use in a home-server environment? I would request at least 2, preferably 4 disks, and I am most interested in good to excellent throughput for file-server and backup purposes - don't need any of the fancy media-streaming or -sharing features, that's not of interest to me.For a 4 or more disk solution, support for the various RAID levels (0, 1, 1+0, 5) would be a plus - especially if supported in hardware (rather than just a software emulation).I just need a place to put my collection of data, ISO images, and ...Read more

raid - What are my options for a multi-Terabyte home NAS?

I've got alot of DVDs and have been slowly ripping, encoding, and tagging them and I've nearly filled my WD MyBook 1TB. I'm estimating that I've got about 1.5 or 2Tb to go to complete my current collection. I've spent alot of time on the files, and the peril they are in recently struck home. I had a second 500Gb MyBook that I was using, essentially, as a scratch drive, ripping raw Video_TS folders to them, and then encoding from there. It failed spectacularly a few weeks ago. I've convinced my wife that we need to redundancy, and she's agreed (...Read more