How to apply a Hasura `where` filter only if a variable is not null?

I have a query like this:query getUsers ($setId: Int) { user(where: { user_sets: { set_id: { _in: [$setId] } } }) { id name status user_sets { set { name } } # more fields... }}What I'm looking for, is a way to not apply the where filter and give all entries if $setId is null. I'd like to avoid dynamically writing the query - it'd be easy to do something like this, but we want queries in static .graphql files:const query = `query getUsers (${ setId ? '$setId: Int' : ''}) { user(${ setId ? 'where: { user_set...Read more

How do I make a Hasura data API query to fetch rows based on the length of the their array relationship's value?

Referring to the default sample schema mentioned in i.e. to the following two tables:1) author: id,name2) article: id, title, content, rating, author_idwhere article:author_id has an array relationship to author:id.How do I make a query to select authors who have written at least one article? Basically, something like select author where len(author.articles) > 0...Read more