handbrake - Hand brake freezes and defroster seems nonfunctional after flood remediation

I provide a lot of context for my questions. For the bottom-line-up-front, please skip down to the specific questions section.BackgroundMy car was parked in a 3rd level sub-basement, which was flooded in Jan/Feb 2018 time frame. The water level was about 2-3 inches above the floor. A lot of good information and advice came from this forum.Hand brakesThe electrical systems on the floor and the carpet was replaced by a Honda service centre. They did not, however, check the hand brake line, which often froze after the flooding. While it was a...Read more

Can pulling up the handbrake without depressing the button wear or damage it?

I have a friend who believes that if you pull up the handbrake (aka the parking brake) without pressing down the little button on the end, it "weakens" the handbrake, or otherwise shortens its life. He didn't give any more details about exactly what is "weakened".I have a tendency to do this (pull it up without pushing the button in), and our handbrake needs replacing (the cable, I suppose). The car is about 12 years old and for all I know it might be the first time it's been replaced - we've only had it 2 years. There might be service histor...Read more

Compressing multiple files in HandBrake

I recently started using HandBrake thanx to @gronostaj, who told me what settings to use. I then asked whether it's possible to convert multiple files, either simultaneously or consecutively without having to manually select them each time. This is what he told me: Here's how to convert multiple files at once: click Tools menu > Options and then Output Files in the left pane. Make sure that Automatically name output files is enabled and change Default Path to some folder. Then click Close at the bottom. Before clicking Start click the little ar...Read more

Using Handbrake to create a DVD

I'm running Kubuntu 14.04. I'm trying to use Handbrake to turn an MKV file into a playable DVD. Supposedly Handbrake can do this -- but the only output format it seems to provide is, again, MKV. I found a post suggesting that I disable the Ipod-friendly format, but I tried that and it made no difference. Am I missing something?...Read more

how to add all titles to the queue of handbrake automatically?

When I open a DVD in Handbrake, it's scanned and the main title is found by the tool. The output name is also automatically adjusted. Then I may add it to the queue. But I need all titles to be added to the queue automatically with proper names specifying their title number. While now, I need to name them and select from the title combobox and add them one after another.I didn't find Handbrake forum. So I decided to ask here....Read more