gvfs - How to get sudo access to shares mounted by Gigolo

As found around the web or here, I can use Gigolo to mount a Windows share and even access it through a terminal, via the ~/.gvfs/share on server/ directory, such as:ls ~/.gvfs/share\ on\ server/Unfortunately, when I try to access the same directory from a command via sudo, e. g.sudo ls ~/.gvfs/share\ on\ server/which fails with:ls: cannot access /home/user/.gvfs/share\ on\ server/: Permission deniedAny suggestions on how to get sudo access to existing Gigolo-mounted shares? Or, how to run Gigolo in order to get sudo access to the shares?...Read more

gvfs - How do applications open from/save to smb shares?

When, in different applications, using the menu to open/save files, the dialog that appears might offer different choices. A lot of them lacks the ability to browse the network and connect to (in my case) a smb (samba) share on my NAS. My question: where is it going wrong ? Or which packages are buggy ?I have samba installed on my machine (Xubuntu 12.10), and also gvfs and its backends.With Thunar (1.5.3), I can easily access shares by:  - clicking the 'Browse Network' shortcut in the Side Pane,  - using self-made shortcuts directing to a fold...Read more