Copy directory/files form multiple src forders to one dest

I'm trying to create a very simple copy task but it seems grunt-copy is not made for my usecase :-(.All I needed is the following:Source directory structure:vendor L subdir1 L assets L subdir2 L subdir3 L file1.js L file2.js L subdir4 L subdir5 L subdir6 L file3.js config:src: [ 'vendor/subdir1/assets/**/*', 'vendor/subdir4/**/*'],dest: 'build/assets/'Destination file structure:build L assets L subdir2 L subdir3 L file1.js ...Read more

gruntjs - Grunt copy exclude folder entirely (not just contents)

[edit: solved, see answer below]I would like to run a grunt-contrib-copy task that will copy everything from one directory (a source directory) to another location (a distribution directory) with the exception of one folder. In other words, given the structure:src 丨- images 丨- favicons/ 丨- files.jpg 丨- other folders/ 丨- individual_file.pngI would like to move "images" but without the "favicons", producing the following:dist 丨- images 丨- other folders/ 丨- individual_file.pngHowever, what I am getting is this:dist 丨- i...Read more

Copy files from parent folder with grunt-contrib-copy

I am trying to copy files over from a parent folder using grunt-contrib-copy. My folder structure is:-libs -html5shiv -respond -jquery-apps -exampleApp1 -GruntFile.js -build -exampleApp2 -GruntFile.js -buildI am trying to copy all the JavaScript files from the libs folder over to the apps/exampleApp1/build when I run the GruntFile.js in exampleApp1. I have the following setup in the GruntFile.js:build_dir: 'build';lib_files: { js: [ '../../libs/html5shiv/dist/html5shiv.js', '../../libs/respond/dest/respond.min.js', '....Read more