How do I stop recording a test in a Grinder script?

I'm writing a test script for a web application that relies on cookies for session management. The HTTPRequest handles the cookies brilliantly, as long as I stick to one request object.The problem is that I can't get my tests to stop recording:url = "http://site"request = HTTPRequest(url=url)...Test(1, "Login").record(request)...Test(2, "Get index page").record(request)This code works, but the statistics will show twice as many runs for the Login-test. The Test class ( does not define ...Read more

Grinder how to use grinder API in java application?

I'm projecting a Java application in which, i would like to pilot the tool the grinder to do the following operation:Start the console.Start the test scripts.Execute the tests.get the report.Someone can suggest to me where i can find usefull information to achive my objective?Thank's a lot in advanced....Read more

Get request hanging in grinder

When I am starting the grinder to load test a simple Web Application nothing happens and it goes to hang .I had previously run the same scripts on different machine and it used to work.I tried to debug it by putting print statements and saw that print after GET was not coming.Any help or suggestion welcomed .....Read more

Grinder 2 console on linux

I am running Grinder2 console on Window. I want know how to run Grinder 2 console on Linux.running net.grinder.Console is throwing the execption as belowException in thread "main" java.awt.HeadlessException: No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program -Amber...Read more

How to set up "The Grinder" agent to recognize the console?

I really want to start working with "The Grinder" but unfortunately my agent doesn't find the console what ever I try.The message issued by the agent is "(agent): Failed to connect to 'localhost/', proceeding without the console; set grinder.useConsole=false to disable this warning."Both console and agent are located on local-host.It happens both when I start the agent without a file at all and when I do use file with a default grinder.consoleHost property.It happens even when I set more

How to run The Grinder in MAC?

I trying to use the grinder testing framework in mac, but i cant get the pass the first steps to open the console. this is what i tried: i added class path and try to run it like this from the terminal with this commandjava net.grinder.Consolebut i get this error : Error running worker process (org/picocontainer/ComponentFactory)Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/picocontainer/ComponentFactory at at net.grinder.engine.process.WorkerProcessE...Read more

Angle grinder brand (Not working)

How can I find out this angle grinder model/brand? The label has come off so I dont know the model. The grinder is not working and I believe it is the brushes, how can I know what brushes to buy if I dont know the brand or the model? I was able to read something I believe it is "Pa6 ge30"[img][img][img][img] more

How to mount a 1/2" UNF drill chuck on an angle grinder with M14 thread?

I want to connect a drill chuck with 1/2"x20 UNF female thread to an angle grinder with a M14x2 male thread. How to?Safety Warning: Do not use a drill chuck at higher speeds than it is designed for. Specifically, it is not designed for the 10-12000 rpm of a typical angle grinder. Using it in this way may result in serious injuries.(This question is still meaningful because there are angle grinders with speed control, and running them on slow rpms will be ok with a drill chuck. Or, for that matter, the required adapter will also help building a ...Read more