gretl - How to automate the seasonal adjustment using X12 Arima

I am very new on Gretl and I need to do the seasonal adjustment of the same time serie every week. Currently, I am doing it manually, so I would like to know if there is any code that I could write in order to automate this process, importing the file from excel and doing the X12 arima for variables on columns B,C and D. I would appreciate your help. Thank you...Read more

gretl - append within loop: Skipping non-existing files

This question is related to: Import timeseries via loop (pot. generic)I want to import an arbitrary number of files posited in the same directory, but not continuously labelled, e.g.: file_1,file_4,file_3001I have a small import script that works for consecutive files similar to the following:scalar first = 1 #the first file is file_1.tsvscalar last = 5000 #the last filebase_path = "c:/results/file_"sprintf temp_path "%s%d.tsv",base_path,firstopen @temp_path --preservesetobs 1 1 --special-time-series loop for (i=first+1;i<=last;i+=1) --qu...Read more