grammarians - Speech errors in Ancient Rome

What records are there of Latin speech errors in Ancient Rome?I know of spelling errors, e.g. in graffiti, which provide evidence of sloppy or varied pronunciation, but I'm interested to hear about speech errors of the sort that provide evidence of how deeper features of the language, especially the grammar, were represented in people's minds.The paper "To Err is Human; To Study Error-Making is Cognitive Science" by Hofstadter and Moser provides a variety of illustrations of this kind of thing. For example, in English, a waiter says "Party for ...Read more

Timeline of classic grammarians

I'm seeking a timeline of classic (Greek/Latin) grammarians/grammar books. The timeline could either be a graphical one or a textual listing (like this one for the English language).Most favorable is an annotated bibliography with information regarding editions and translations.I should point to the Wikipedia category pages Grammarians of Ancient Greek and Grammarians of Latin which are alphabetical and are least favored listings (though they may be used to create a timeline with some effort)....Read more

grammarians - What was a language for the Romans?

Defining "language" is not easy, and for many not even necessary.There are many aspects to this, and I'm interested in something more specific: distinguishing a language from a dialect.Where did the Romans draw the line between a language and a dialect?Evidence can come in several different forms.Perhaps some grammarian of philosopher made the distinction.From a more practical point of view, I assume there are passages saying roughly "these two languages are pretty similar but still two different languages" or "these two are actually just diffe...Read more