Repurpose Google Search Appliance

I want to repurpose my GSA. But I can't do anything, it asks me for a password before it shows me a bios menu screen or something else. "After Configuring memory","Initializing iDrac"A GSA loading screen... "Caution NVRAM_CLR jumper is installed on Systemboard" ... "Two Processors " ..."System Memory Size: 96G RAM" ...and then it displays:Type the password and - press Enter to leave password security enabled. - press Ctrl + Enter to disable password securityEnter password: _It seems that the password disable jumper has no effect…Any clues?Thank...Read more

Google Search Appliance sort by metadata content

I'm trying to refine the search results received by my application by including the sort parameter in my HTTP requests. I've combed through the documentation here, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for.I'm searching for DOC filetypes, and I am able to sort by date or sort by metadata, as in alphabetizing by title, author, etc. I can also filter by whether or not the title contains certain keywords. What I want to do is to sort by whether or not the title contains certain keywords (these documents appearing first in the results), but to ...Read more

Google Search Appliance - clarification for Query Suggestions saving for "90 Days"

The GSA documentation on Query Suggestions says "The search appliance automatically refreshes query suggestions every 24 hours and keeps them for 90 days."Does anyone know what the 90 days really means?If the suggestions are refreshed every 24 hours, will that 90 day timer reset every time?Is the 90 day referring to the time a search was run by a user thatresulted in the creation of the query suggestion? And what if anotheruser later on "used" the query suggestion - does it effectively resetthe expiration date?Can I adjust the length of the exp...Read more

Where can I find the latest software image for an old Google Mini Appliance?

I'm trying to bring back to service the Google Mini that I found in our racks.I managed to login, and found that the software version is 5.0.4. AFAIN, there is already version 7.6, but we can't download any new software version without access to Google Enterprise support portal, and We can't find the login details...Any idea where can I find the latest software image (and how to update)?Thanks in advance!Gilad...Read more

Search in default_collection minus a specific collection

In our GSA index of 500K documents half of the documents are coming from an internal bug tracking system.We have been hearing some power users complain about results from the bug tracking system pushing down other useful results from many other sources.We discussed about using result biasing to lower the importance of bug tracking documents but I am not very keen on this approach as I believe we should let GSA do its magic and decide on the relevancy of the results.Instead what I want to provide users as an option is a UI (checkbox for each col...Read more

google search appliance - GSA OneBox - Internal Provider will account for the overall QPS

I think the title is self explanatory.When I create a GSA OneBox which is powered for an internal collection. I then make a GSA search request which triggers the OneBox. Now, will the number of search request on that given second will be 1 or 2?All i'm trying to figure out is if the OneBox which is an internal provider account for the Appliance's QPS....Read more

google search appliance - Result Grouping in GSA - Aggregating results based on a metadata or collection

This is a tricky question to make you understand but let me attempt it.Today, I have 8 different portlets in my page and when global search box is triggered I fire 8 GSA queries to show each result set onto the respective portlet.The difference between each of the GSA call are the collection namesNow I could not manage to think of a solution to replace 8 different GSA calls with one call.Each collection has atleast 100k documents and the max result a GSA search response can give is only 1000 and 100 per request/call. So it is quite impossible f...Read more

google search appliance - How to re-crawl documents that have an error status

We had an issue yesterday that prevented gsa crawler from loging in to our website to crawl. Because of this many of the URLs are indexed as the login page. I see a lot of results on the search page titled "Please log in" (title of the login page). Also when I check Index Diagnostics the crawl status for these URLs are "Retrying URL: Connection reset by peer during fetch.".Now the login problem is resolved and once a page is re-crawled the crawl status goes to successful and it is picking up the page content and the search results show up with ...Read more

google search appliance - Excluded: Robots no index

I have configured web URL for crawling web content data. All the web data is crawling successfully in my GSA, but I am getting "Excluded: Robots no index" message in index diagnostic for one URL and document from that URL is not indexing in GSA.document doesn't contains any [META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW"] metatag.have you observed such kind of behavior in GSA ?...Read more