button - Material Design: Actions on items in a table view

The problem with the FAB (some would say there are many) is that often you want to be able to invoke actions on an item in a table view. The fact that that has been precluded with this design is surprising, but the fact that they don't even mention it in their ridiculously scant spec doc is laughable.So if I have a table of items, say I want to do the simplest thing imaginable: just include a button for each item to mark it completed. You are not supposed to do that. I guess a TODO app interface might work, where I add a checkbox and then train...Read more

Why does Android's material button's 'onPressed' state actually rising up instead of getting pushed down?

So like this:Why is this good? How is it decided to be like this way?I'm an Android developer and no matter whom I show my apps with these default Android buttons, everybody tells me I messed up because I mixed the pressed state. Programers, designers, non professionals, no matter whom I ask, almost everyone has this opinion - However I did nothing, this is the standard method by the Android SDK.Is it bad practice? Should I change it? Should I write my own button to work the opposite way?...Read more