how do i view the system console for google earth?

How do I view the system console for google earth? The google KML Reference says that javascript "alert" statements are logged to the system console. At the following URL, look at the "" tag documentation and its subsection on "javascript". It says: functions such as alert() and prompt() will not be displayed. They will, however, be written to the system console, as will other errors and exceptions.I'm trying to find where this shows up.I am working with google earth on a windows xp box.I have tried starting google earth from ...Read more

collada - Google Earth 3D model web service

In Google Earth, I have a <gx:Track> which has a <model> element ( The model has a <Link> element in which the <href> defines the collada (dae) model to be used.When working with files on my computer, I can manually set the <href> to a local path (eg c:\temp\model.dae") and the model displays correctly.Now I want write a web service to return model.dae dynamically. I'm having trouble figuring what format google earth is expecting with regard to Con...Read more

collada - google earth model transformation

I would like to add placemarks to parts of collada geometry in google earth. To do this I need to translate the geometry coordinates in the xml to match the transformation to the model in google earth. Given longitude latitude and orientation how do I translate geometry coordinate to match the google earth transformation?...Read more

Fetching .kmz files from local disk and importing them into Google Earth via API

I need to import 3D models of each building in New York City into the Google Earth API. I fetched their .kmz files using Since this command uses the URL of the kmz files and the number of files to imported is a lot it is very slow. Is there any way I can fetch these files from my local disk?Are there other formats I can use instead of .kmz? For example .dae files?...Read more

collada - Google Earth API - 3d Model Overlays

Does anyone know why the google earth api only supports COLLADA (.dae) 3d model overlays and not kmz???KmlModel GEPlugin.createModel ( string id ) Creates a model. A model is a 3D object described in a COLLADA file. COLLADA files have a .dae file extension. Models are created in their own coordinate space and then located, positioned, and scaled in Google Earth.Parameters: id ID of the new KmlModel. Is it possible to overlay kmz?Cheers...Read more

Exporting data set from Google Earth Engine for use in Google Earth

So I have a date range of MODIS temperature images that I am attempting to export from GEE for use in Google Earth. This is what the code looks like thus far:var dataset = ee.ImageCollection('MODIS/006/MYD11A2') .filter('2018-05-01', '2018-06-01'));var landSurfaceTemperature ='LST_Day_1km');var landSurfaceTemperatureVis = { min: 14000.0, max: 16000.0, palette: [ '040274', '040281', '0502a3', '0502b8', '0502ce', '0502e6', '0602ff', '235cb1', '307ef3', '269db1', '30c8e2', '32d3ef', '3be2...Read more

How can I find all the lakes in a region (bounded by polgon) in earth engine?

The problem statement is that a region of interest is given.I need to find all the lakes in a polygon bounded region using the NDWI index for water bodies, which are at a height of more than 1500m. Then display the changes in the area of lake's surface water starting from the year 1984 till 2018 on a 2-year interval in a table like structure in Google Earth Engine. I have used Landsat 5 and 7 data.I have created the following code: Earth Engine CodeNow I need to display the results in the polygon marked region in a table sort of structure in th...Read more

Google Earth Api - programmatically enter StreetView mode

I'm trying to give google earth api a start point which I get back fromGoogle map Api v3(I have lat and lng). The thing I want to do is give a location toGoogle Earth and it can automatically moved to street view level.So far what I did can only move to ground level. The following code is how I try move Google Earth's cameravar lookAt = DS_ge.createLookAt('');lookAt.setLatitude(myRoute.steps[0].path[0].lat());lookAt.setLongitude(myRoute.steps[0].path[0].lng());lookAt.setRange(1000.0); //default is 0.0DS_ge.getView().setAbstractView(lookAt);Is ...Read more

Display tracks in Google Earth

A coworker displayed the route he used to commute to/from work on Google Earthbut won't tell me how he did it. I have a laptop with GE installed. Can you tell me how to do this. I guess I need something to collect the coordinates,and then create somesort of tracks but any pointers would be helpful.Also, can this be done in real time. I nother words, can I update my location on GE while driving?...Read more

Google Earth API Moving a polygon

I just starting coding with Google Earth using the GEPlugin control for .Net and still got a lot to learn.What has got me puzzled is when I try to drag a polygon. The method below is called whenever the mousemove event fires and should be moving each point of the polygon while retaining the orginal shape of the polygon. The lat / long for each point is changed but the polygon does not move position on the map.Will moving a point in a polygon cause it to redraw, do I need to call a method to force a redraw or perhaps do something else entirely?T...Read more

google earth tour error

In the past I had successfully created several Google Earth tours complete with audio and animation. As best I can remember, I looked at one of my tours 2weeks ago? and things were working fine.But I look at the tours now on both my local machine and my host web server and the google earth tours have disappeared. When I look in firebug at where the code should be, I see the following error:Failed to process gadget Reason: Unable to retrieve spec for... more

gpx - Last track does not show in Google Earth

I have a GPX file and it has several tracks in it. When I drag it to Google Earth the last track shows up for a few seconds until the slider animation completes then it disappears. The slider shows 12/16/2016 12PM to 01/05/2015 3PM.My last track looks like this:<trk> <name>Route 2</name> <desc>Route 2</desc> <trkseg> <trkpt lat="43.452919" lon="-83.759766"> <ele>0</ele> <time>2016-01-05T20:57:07.151Z</time> <desc>Route 2</desc> </trkpt> <trkpt lat...Read more

Path labels in Google Earth

I am using Google Earth Pro 7.1 and I would like to add labels to my paths so that when I print a map the trails are labeled.I want to have similar text as placemarks on each of my paths. I do not want to place a placemark at all of the trails. If I can edit the kml to do this I can....Read more

Provisioning features specific to Google Earth Pro in the Google Earth API

I am a definite novice with the GE API, and I have a little bit of KML experience, so I apologize if this is a day-one question. I am considering developing a web-based application using the GE API, and I'm wondering if it's possible to add any of the Google Earth Pro functionality that I have through my Pro license. Specifically, the most recent version of GE Pro contains a Viewshed tool, and I'm wondering if it's at all possible to use the API to programmatically call this feature in the web-based GE instance, or if that feature is something ...Read more