google data studio - Datastudio "When contains" Calculated Filed

Is there a posibillity to search for names in source?CASE WHEN Source="facebook_instagram" OR Source="" OR Source="" OR Source="" OR Source="instagram" OR Source="" OR Source="" OR Source="facebook" OR Source="" Then "Social"ELSE "Sonstige" ENDIs there a way to select all facebook sources, without list them?...Read more

Google Data Studio MySql data source connection does not exist Error

Platform: Google Data StudioData Source: MySQLConnection was working before, meaning no issues with credentials.All of a sudden, getting the below error: All IPs have been whitelisted from the google data studio list of ips.The only thing that comes to mind is a limitation of GDS to process data.The data source table has around 200K+ rows. Not sure what is the limitation for GDS with MySQL. There's no indication anywhere.Anyone out there can help to solve this or maybe provide some info would be appreciated. Thanks...Read more

getschema - Differences between LEGACY schema and Data Studio Apps Script Service

I'm having problems trying to migrate from legacy schema object to new Data Studio Apps Script Service.For example in my old schema object I have this dimension: { "name" : "datetxt", "label" : "Date", "description" : "date of sale", "dataType" : "STRING", "group" : "Dates", "semantics" : { "conceptType" : "DIMENSION", "semanticGroup" : "DATETIME", "semanticType " : "YEAR_MONTH_DAY", "isReaggregatable" : false } }When using the new method I translate it this way: var cc = DataStudioApp.createCommunityC...Read more

Creating composite dates from individual year, month, and day in Google Data Studio

I need to create a YYYYMM format computed column for defining a date in Data Studio since our data is held in separate year, month, and day columns. Unfortunately our the month and day fields are not left zero-padded so a simple concat will not work. The formula I'm using still uses concat, but also uses todate to parse the hyphenated date string into the compatible format.TODATE(CONCAT(systems.added_year, CONCAT('-', concat(systems.added_month, concat('-', systems.added_day)))), 'DEFAULT_DASH', '%Y%m')The problem I'm running into, is that Data...Read more

Google Data Studio is throwing an internal server error when trying to fetch data

After adding my custom connector to google data studio, when I try to create a graph it throws an internal server error with no explanation. I am wondering if anyone else has an idea of possible causes.I have already tried making sure that there are no special characters (1-9, a-z, A-Z only), whitelisting my domain, reducing to data to 1 row and testing on a different table. Below is my code to create the schema.var fields = cc.getFields();var types = cc.FieldType;metadata = cube.getMetadata();var dimens = metadata.dimensions;dimens.forEach(fun...Read more

Google Datastudio: sum of several fields with the same name, how to target specific field

I have blended data with three fields, all named "Pageviews". When I create a new field which should be the sum of these three, I enter "Pageviews+Pageviews+Pageviews" which calculates the first field three times.I know that internally, Google Studio stores these fields using a table alias such as table0.Pageviews.If I knew what the table alias was, I could then write something like:table0.Pageviews+table1.PageviewsI cannot drag and drop the fields into the formula section, and doing a html code inspection does not yield a clue to what the tabl...Read more

Data Studio - Google Marketing Platform Partial Connection

Google Data Studio is connected successfully to our Campaign Data - However, It Doesn't seem to pull through certain metrics, Such as Interactive Impressions. I'm starting to wonder whether this could be to do with the fact that it isn't available in Instant reports, but was wondering if someone more familiar could explain why this is the case. Have tried reconnecting to data via the integration service, but thi shas not resolved the issue.N/AThe metrics should appear appear in the connection manager/Data source manager , but their simply not i...Read more

Custom Filter control in data studio

This may be a simple answer , I have a report which has a table of data. One of the columns in the data set is a 'project'. I want to create filter that when clicked will remove any rows with an empty cell in the project column. I can create a filter for the project column but it gives me a list of all projects in data set to filter. I just want a simple Yes/No type filter or button to click to only show data where the project field is populated and then can click back to include all. I dont want this be a page filter as I want the option for u...Read more

How to create new date field using CASE in Google Data Studio

I'm creating a dashboard of marketing leads from a Data Source that has two columns of dates in it. One of the columns is historic dates that were imported. One of the columns is all new leads, with accurate dates.I'm trying to create a new field in Data Studio for use as the Date Range Dimensions. Essentially, if historic date is null, then use new date. If it isn't null, use the historic date.This is my current code:CASE WHEN Historic Date IS NULL THEN Created Date ELSE Created DateENDThere are no errors thrown when creating the field, but ...Read more

Is it possible to share filters between reports in Google Data Studio?

Google's Data Studio documentation makes some vague references to filtering functionality which does not appear to exist in the actual product. They say "Once you've added a filter to a report, you can use it in other components or even other reports."However, there is no mention about how to do this. If I create a filter using the Filter Manager ( Resource > Manage filters ), the same filter does not magically become available in any of my other reports.So is this a case of outdated documentation about a feature which has since been removed, o...Read more

Is There a Way to Automate the Creation of Data Studio Reports with Different Data Sources

So I am working on client reporting for my agency and Data Studio seems to check all the boxes we need. However, we have several clients and I need a way to automate the creation of Data Studio reports. The general steps I would want the script to follow are:Copy a template report that I've already createdEstablish data source based on a list of analytics property IDs etcAdd specific emails to share with client and internal partiesSo data studio has an api that I've looked in to but it seems primarily built around building connectors. I have co...Read more

google data studio - Is it possible to reference scorecard results into another scorecard?

I have two scorecards, each with a different filter applied. I am currently using Scorecard A divided by Scorecard B manually to calculate the percentage. I would like to be able to automate it. I tried to reference the scorecards into a new scorecard but that did not work. Is there another way?I want to be able to use result from Scorecard A and Scorecard B in another scorecard, or get the result by another way. Thank you in advance!Example,Scorecard A = 10Scorecard B = 5then,Scorecard C = A/B = 2...Read more

Google Data Studio - Custom Aggregation formula

I am building a report in Google Data Studio, and I run into a problem with the aggregation for a couple of metrics.As an example, I have the following table:name. |. M1. |. M2. |. M3 A. 23 45 1,9 B. 45 6 0,1 C. 23 45 1,9 D. 12 34 2,8 E. 4 2 0,5Where M3 = M2/M1Now, when I display this in a table in GDS, the totals for M1 and M2 are the sum of the values, and that is ok, but I can only choose between fixed aggregation operations, and the total for M3 should be:Total M3 = sum(M2)...Read more