unity3d - Chrome webgl rendering / flashing issue

I try to get a unity => webgl export working on google chrome browser.It works fine on firefox but on Chrome the background is not transparent and seems dirty, sometimes it even flickers super fast (very dangerous for people suffering from epilepsy)This is the code that should do the transparent background: var LibraryGLClear = { glClear: function(mask) { if (mask == 0x00004000) { var v = GLctx.getParameter(GLctx.COLOR_WRITEMASK); if (!v[0] && !v[1] && !v[2] && v[3])...Read more

Chrome only clears storage on closing

I am trying to cache files using the caching api our use case requires us to cache about 50 - 100Mb.I use a web worker to sync the files and a service worker to serve them. And when a new version is available i want to delete all old files and sync the new ones.to clear the whole cache i use:# (typescript)return caches.delete(CacheFileStorage.CACHE_KEY).then(() => ...);And to delete an individual file i use (where this.cache is the instance returned from caches.open():# (typescript)return this.cache.delete(filename).then(() => ...);It loo...Read more

html5 video - Embedded local mp4 not playing in Chrome when running jekyll serve (ECONNRESET)

I'm working on a simple jekyll site, and am wanting to embed a video (locally-stored mp4 - not youtube/streaming service) in a markdown file.I'm just using the basic tag:<video width="600" controls="controls"> <source src="{{ site.my-media-path }}/myvideo.mp4"></video>When I run jekyll serve and access my page locally, it works perfectly in Firefox, while in Chrome, it either just shows the thumbnail (and breaks after a few milliseconds of play), or shows empty controls.With Chrome, jekyll spits out the following error on the...Read more

download - Downloaded file is not saved on local. Wep api + chrome

I'm not able to enforce web browser (chrome) to save (anywhere) a file from web api controller method.[HttpGet("download/{id}")]public FileContentResult DownloadFile(int id){ try { var result = classARepository.Get(id); var vm = mapper.Map(result); var jsonResult = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(vm); var fileName = result.Name + ".json"; Response.Headers["Content-Disposition"] = "inline; filename=" +fileName; return File(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(jsonResult), "applicatio...Read more

ssl - Getting Chrome to accept self-signed localhost certificate

I have created a self-signed SSL certificate for the localhost CN. Firefox accepts this certificate after initially complaining about it, as expected. Chrome and IE, however, refuse to accept it, even after adding the certificate to the system certificate store under Trusted Roots. Even though the certificate is listed as correctly installed when I click "View certificate information" in Chrome's HTTPS popup, it still insists the certificate cannot be trusted.What am I supposed to do to get Chrome to accept the certificate and stop complaining ...Read more

Highlighting/marking/flagging tabs in Chromium/Google Chrome

I tend to open lots and lots of tabs when I'm browsing or researching, and to filter them I usually close the less-relevant tabs after reading them. Sometimes however I might have a few tabs open which I want to come back to, and I was wondering if there was a way to highlight or flag the tab as "Important", either an extension or some sort of Javascript voodoo. I don't want to pin the tab, as I already use pinning for those tabs which are always open.Searching for extensions and the like has yielded nothing so far…...Read more

Automatically open Chrome developer tools when new tab/new window is opened

I have HTML5 application which opens in a new window by clicking a link. I'm a bit tired of pressing Shift + I each time I want to logging network communication to launch Developer tools because I need it always. I was not able to find an option to keep Developer Tools always enabled on startup.Is there any way to open Developer tools automatically when new window is opened in Chrome?...Read more

Chrome Dev Tools: How to trace network for a link that opens a new tab?

I want to trace the network activity that happens when I click on a link. The problem is that the link opens a new tab, and apparently the Dev Tools works per tab it was open for. "Preserve Log Upon Navigation" does not help.My current solution is to move to FireFox and HttpFox which does not have this issue. I wonder how all the developers for Chrome manage, this sounds pretty basic (of course I've searched for the answer, didn't find anything helpful)....Read more

browser - What are the difference between Chrome, Canary and Chromium?

Here's how I understand the google browser differences:Chrome - Production release (the one we're currently using, stable version)Canary - Test release before new production release (Version prior to Chrome release)Chromium - Dev release and available in Linux (maintained by Ubuntu developers, no auto-update of version - user triggered)Are there any other points that I missed? And in terms of development, is there any other consideration if I use Chromium and Canary rather than Chrome? Like caching, compatibility, cookie, performance and etc. (...Read more

google chrome - IndexedDB behaviour and updating browsers

I was wondering if anyone knows how the IndexedDB reacts when the browsers update, is there a posibility that the information stored in it can be affected or erased in some way? I did a general research on the matter, but I see there's a lack of information regarding browsers updating.This question is focused for the general browsers that fully or partially supports IndexedDB like Chrome, FireFox, Edge and IE....Read more