Take notes, and enter into a Google Docs spreadsheet using Google Assistant.

I have a pair of Google Assistant compatible headphones, and I want to use Google Assistant to help me keep track of my spending. Essentially, I want to be able to say: 'spent $20 of groceries', or 'spent $10 on transport' etc, and that map on to an spread sheet like: datetime type amount11/11/2018 5:10pm groceries 2012/11/2018 5:55pm transport 10I am happy to use an IFTTT integration to do this. What would the best way to achieve this?...Read more

How to turn off offering to turn on Google Assistant?

I know how to turn off google assistant. But many times when I make some move at the bottom of phone screen it show me the dialog to turn on Google Assistant. I do not want to turn in Google assistant. Never ever. I do not want to see that screen asking me if I want to turn on Google assistant on my phone. Is there a way how to stop that?...Read more

"OK Google" stops working after a phone call

Most of the time, the "OK Google" feature of Google Assistant works fine. I say "OK Google" and it goes into listen mode. However, everytime I finish a phone call, my phone no longer goes into listen mode when I say, "OK Google". Doesn't matter whether it's immediately after the call or half an hour later, it basically just ignores me completely.Rebooting the phone is the only solution I've found that fixes it. I am currently on Android 7, but I believe this was an issue on Android 6 as well. I have a Galaxy S7.Is there something else apart fro...Read more

Hey Google vs OK Google

Is there any way to use "Hey Google" instead of "OK Google" on my Motorola Z2 Play?On my old phone Huawei P8 Lite from 2015 running android 6.0 i was able to use "Hey Google" instead of "OK Google"I remember at some point when i clicked retrain voice model i was offered to say both "OK Google" and "Hey Google"But on my new phone running android 7.1.1 no matter how many times i click retrain voice model it just keeps offering me to say "OK Google" 3 times.I have all the latest software updates for my phone, and the latest available version of th...Read more