Transfering Gnucash transactions to another Gnucash account

What is the best way to export/import transaction from a Gnucash file to another Gnucash file?The most obvious (and actually only way I can find) is to Export Transactions to CSV... and then to import from your other account.But CSV import doesn't allow to import all of Gnucash information categories, and at best can only recreate basic transaction.For instance in the exported CSV, all the splits are included, and actually all the details of each every transactions.But when you try to import such a file, you get errors for all the lines that do...Read more

Dealing with old accounts in Gnucash

I have been using Gnucash for a few months for all of my finances. Recently I have started keeping track of various friends owing me money (for instance if I pay for dinner and they say they will pay me back later). Right now I just have a "Who Owes Me" account with a "Misc" sub account. I would like to have a seperate account for each friend but I feel like eventually that would create a lot of clutter with old accounts. For instance, if I create an account for a friend named John and only use it once, I feel like that is a waste. But, deletin...Read more

Processing PayPal transactions Via GNUCash

I am taking the time to set myself up to record finances in GNUCash, and I have slowly been refining my recording processes. I am curently twiddling my thumbs about how to treat "Middleman" transactions such as those via PayPal.At the current time, I have QIF imports from my bank, CSV imports from PayPal, and from these I wish to create some form of payment record from Assets::SavingsAcct to Expenses:: via a PayPal account.I have seen a method where a split payment is made, where two "sub-payments" are made. I.e: Credit Paypal from bank, then d...Read more

double entry - Get GnuCash to use the Opening Balances account for new accounts

I’m still new to GnuCash, and as such I’m setting up all my accounts. When I first created the file, I didn’t add all my accounts because I wanted to set up only a few at a time. The accounts I did set up at first (my checking account and credit card) got their balances from the automatic Equity: Opening Balances account, as expected. Now, though, when I go through the New Account Hierarchy wizard, the opening balances always come from Imbalance-USD instead of the Opening Balances account. Is there a reason this happens? Is there a way to fix t...Read more

gnucash - Accounting for reimbursements that exceed actual expenses

When I travel on business, my employer pays for my meals by reimbursing me at a statutory "per diem" rate. Often this exceeds the amount I actually spend on meals. How should I account for the excess in a double-entry accounting system? I use Gnucash.Currently I am recording the excess as income, but I am not sure if this is correct.As an example, suppose I take a 3-day business trip to Gotham City, for which the per diem rate is $50 per day. So my employer pays me $150 as a "reimbursement" for my meals. However, suppose I actually spent o...Read more

Tracking employee stock option grants in GnuCash

I've been using Gnucash for a while now and I'm starting to feel like an accountant. :) Anyway, I've been interested in trying to map out employee stock option grants for a while to form a more complete financial view of all my investments.I finally took a stab at it using the "stock" account type. It works really well to calculate the "real time" value of a number of shares. However, I realized quickly that I can't fathom a way to capture the strike price of the options (price to buy them at). This is a fixed value with which I purchase the sh...Read more

gnucash - How do you set up current year bookkeeping based on previous year balance sheet and profit and loss items?

I'm setting up this year's accounting ledger for a sole proprietorship. It used to be done by CPAs in the past but I decided it's time to bite the bullet and start doing it myself. All is going well, except for how to include last year's balance sheet and profit and loss items in this year's bookkeeping. Typical items would be fixed assets, depreciation, loan payable to shareholder, deficit... I don't want to have to redo 10 years worth of bookkeeping just to recover them, so how would you create double-entry items for them in this year's ledge...Read more

Book capital losses in gnucash

I have an asset in gnucash, and its value changes over time. I followed these instructions and know how to record the gains, but it's unclear to me how I record the losses. The help page describes setting up the accounts, but only an income account and no expense account is created. Does this mean that I record losses as 'negative income' in the income account?...Read more

GnuCash: expense tracking/amounts left under limits

So I've decided I want to try and rein in my spending a bit, and keep my money a little more under control, and while I know there are more simple expense tracking programs, I'm not one to use a hammer when there's an atomic piledriver out there (in case that's a terrible metaphor - and it probably is - what I'm trying to say is I'll rarely use a simple tool when there's a more fully featured one out there), so I downloaded GnuCash and have been working through it, setting up accounts, logging some expenses, etc.My real question is thus: I get ...Read more

gnucash - double entry bookkeeping loan to myself

I have 3 accounts - savings, outgoing, and loan.I have $100 in savings. I then receive $50 into savings. so far, so good.Then I want to 'borrow' $25 from savings with the intention of paying it back. so I debit savings and credit loan for $25.Then I want to spend this $25, so I transfer from savings to outgoing, but if I do this, I end up with transactions all over the place, or otherwise the loan account ends up being $0, or the outgoing account has double $25.I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. I just want the loan account to total $25, the s...Read more

Unable to retrieve quotes in the modern GnuCash with Alpha Vantage

I have a problem getting currency and symbol quotes in GnuCash. When I open Tools - Price Database and click Get Quotes, in several seconds I see a dialog with the following text:Unable to retrieve quotes for these items: CURRENCY:CNY CURRENCY:RUB CURRENCY:DKK CURRENCY:NOK CURRENCY:GBP CURRENCY:USDContinue using only the good quotes?And, of course, quotes didn't update. I read and checked all related issues here and on reddit/gnucash mailing list/gnucash wiki/gnucash bug tracker and didn't find an answer.What I have:GnuCash 3.4 (Fin...Read more

gnucash - In double entry accounting, as an employee, how do I enter expenses?

I'm new to accounting and just started using GnuCash for my personal finances.QuestionAs an employee (not a company), how would you enter the following transaction into GnuCash?SituationI make phone calls for my employer with my private phone, which costs me USD 30.- per month. I pay that with my personal money.At the end of the month, my employer pays me my salary plus USD 30.- for my phone expenses.IdeaCreate the following accounts in GnuCashPersonal bank (assets account)Phone expenses (expenses account)Salary (income account)Create the follo...Read more