gnat - C Binder Switch in Gnatbind

I was looking at newer versions of the GNAT tools and saw that Gnatbind no longer has a switch for generating the C Binder files, "-C". Is this binder file no longer necessary for mixed language environments or was it's functionality moved to another switch?...Read more

GNAT GPS Project Explorer View is Missing

I am using GNAT GPS version 6.0.1 in Windows 7. For some unknown reason, the Project View pane that is on the left side of the main window has disappeared when I use the debugger. I can't find any menu or preference options that control whether this pane is visible.Update--I should point out that this is the pane with the tabs along the left side rather than along the top. I can show a similar pane with projects listed by splitting the main window, but its tabs are along the top. Also, Its behavior is different form the one with tabs on the lef...Read more

gnat - "Assertion might Fail" and Precondition doesn't solve it

I have a function that monitors a controlled signal by applying a simple check whether the signal is within a given tolerance band. The function is called is_within_limits. I have a second function called is_within_expanded_limits that does the same but applies an expansion factor (widens the tolerance band) to the configured limits beforehand. The limits are configured in monitor.config by means of a target value and a maximum deviation from that value or lower and upper thresholds. The enumeration monitor.config.monitoring_mode specifies how ...Read more

gnat binder output file

I would like to know more about the "version numbers" created by GNAT in the binder output file. They look something like this: -- The following set of constants give the version -- identification values for every unit in the bound -- partition. This identification is computed from all -- dependent semantic units, and corresponds to the -- string that would be returned by use of the -- Body_Version or Version attributes. -- The following Export pragmas export the version numbers -- with symbolic names ending in B (for bo...Read more

Can GprBuild be used with GNAT to make non-GPL software?

I want to use GprBuild to create a product not licensed under the GPL. Is this possible, and what variant of it and GNAT would I need to use for this to be legal?I read that in order to make an application not licensed under the GPL with GNAT, I would need to use the FSF distributed version, because that version is released with a linking exception (supposedly; the FSF library directory doesn't actually state that it is licensed under such an exception, but Wikipedia does).That said, I am struggling to find any similar information for GprBuild....Read more

gnat - In Adacore's GPR file, how can I set the compiler include search paths for C++

I have some C++ code that I need to compile using Adacore GNAT Programming Studio.One file (SomeHeader.h) is in a Common directory (../../Common/) relative to my GPR file.Our convention for C++ include directives is to use#include "Common/SomeHeader.h"No matter what I do, I cannot get GprBuild to find "Common/SomeHeader.h"I followed the instructions here at AdaGem 108 with modifications for C++for Include_Switches ("c++") use ("-I ../../");and for Include_Path ("c++") use "../..";None of this seems to work for me during gprbuild and frustrating...Read more

Ada on microbit, GNAT

So, I have a project where I need to program a Real time system on the microbit using Ada've come accross a problem, by using the arm-elf library and compiler I seem to lose access to all Ada base libraries, that is, the only one I can use is Ada.Text_IO, all others can't seem to be found by the IDEI want to debug my code, printing the data I'm receiving from the accelerometer, but it's a number, and the library Ada.Text_IO only works with strings, so I tried to use Ada.Integer_Text_IO which was not...Read more