Can not view Glympse Rest API

I need help to find Glympse rest API. For some reason after creating an online account with Glympse, I can not view Rest API. However, I can view SDK for both Android and iPhone.Question -- does my account need be upgrade and pay for licensing?...Read more

Glympse API - Handle Send Ticket Operation

I want to allow the application to call some method when the User Actually sends the Glympse TicketIn simple terms I just want to get that is there any method to know whether the user has sent the Glympse after opening the Wizard or he/she has cancelled the wizard.I have to do some operations when the user selects send Glympse ButtonLooking forward for your valuable reply.Thanks...Read more

Glympse API append_data error

I am trying to append_data to a Glympse ticket and I am getting a serialization error. I have tried many variation on the following request body and can not seem to make a successful call:{ [ "n" : "destination", "v" : { "lat" : 43345678, "lng" : -121456789 } ]}...Read more

Glympse REST API - expired tickets

I have two questions on the Glympse API:I am sharing my location by (initially creating a ticket,) uploading location data (/v2/tickets/ticketID/append_location) and appending data (/v2/tickets/ticketID/append_data). If there is already a ticket existing, I am just uploading more recent data (append_location + append_data) and update the ticket (/v2/tickets/ticketID/update?duration=ticketDuration). Now, once the ticket has expired how can I make it active again? Currently I am creating a new ticket which makes the "same user" (but with differen...Read more

How to share location with public tag with Glympse REST API

I am trying to share a location to a public tag in Glympse with their REST API. My application is creating a ticket with/v2/users/self/create_ticketAfter that I am trying to add that ticket to the public tag/group (which is already available)./v2/tickets/${ticketid}/append_data{ [ "t": ${timestamp}, "pid": 0, "n": "card_id", "v": card_id // I am putting the group ID here ]}After that I have no clue how to proceed. I find the Glympse API description very confusing, so I tried several API functions but none of them worked, like up...Read more

How to share location in a group with glympse rest api

I am trying to share my location to a card with following steps:create a ticket with API /users/self/create_ticketset the card_id of the ticket with API /tickets/:id/append_datashare ticket to a card with API /cards/:id/ticket, invite_code: random string like pUsl_79rBappend location into the ticket whit API /tickets/:id/append_locationThen I retrieve card members with API /cards/:id?members=true, I can see the ticket just created and shared to the card. But the problem is that the invite_code is always "00" like following:"ticket": {"invite_co...Read more

Glympse - How to create private groups in android?

I am checking glympse android sdk. I am not able to find programming guide for how to create private groups in android. There is reference of REST api for creating private groups using cards. But there is no step by step guide for it. Can anyone guide how to create private groups using android glympse sdk....Read more

glympse - How to know who send the invite?

I'm using the iOS Glympse SDK to send email invites.... and it works fine.The email destination user is receiving a glympse invite but no indication of the user nickname sending the invite. The invitation title is "A friend share a glympse with you".I would like to have "Fred share a glympse with you"How to do that ?...Read more

Glympse API - Two Bugs?

I have two issues currently with the Glympse Lite iOS API.For some reason, when I add the GlympseKitLite.embeddedframework to my project, my table view cell disclosure indicator (UITableViewCellAccessoryDisclosureIndicator) & UITableViewCellAccessoryCheckmark do not appear in various table views throughoug my app (except when the cell is highlighted). It may be that the indicator is actually white but I have a white table view cell background. This is odd behavior. The embeddedframework seems to be the root cause (as soon as I delete it,...Read more