How to git-apply a git word diff

I needed to edit a messy commit commit that only changed a word in a few subsequent rows, keeping some of those changes and removing others.The changes were easy to see in git diff --word-diff, and in that format I could easily edit the hunks to do what I intended to do, but now I have a file like thisdiff --git a/cldf/forms.csv b/cldf/forms.csvindex 46c12a4..0374ece 100644--- a/cldf/forms.csv+++ b/cldf/forms.csv@@ -1783,8 +1783,8 @@ ID,Lect_ID,Concept_ID,Form_according_to_Source,Form,Local_Orthography,Segments,C1782,adan1251-lawah,day,dilɛlɛ,d...Read more

How to show full paths in git diff?

How do I show full paths in git diff?One can use '--dst-prefix=$PWD' and '--src-prefix=$PWD' but this is fragile as it won't work in many cases, eg with --no-index, or when running the commond from a subdirectory without using --relative=realpath_to_cwd...Read more

How to diff a commit with its parent in GitPython

I'm working on a tool to find commits that only contain whitespaces changes using GitPython. In order to do so I need to see what a commit has changed from its parent.The second answer to the question How to diff a commit with its parent? shows that I can see the differences between a commit and its parent using:git diff 15dc8^!What is the equivalent in gitpython? I would be also happy to get the same information as withgit show $COMMITI'm new, I really hope my question follows all the community guidelines!...Read more