china - Is it weird to give your new PhD supervisor a "thank you" gift for supporting your application?

There is a similar question here as well as elsewhere.However my situation is somewhat different, so please read for marking it as duplicate. The questions I've seen asked has been about giving a gift to a supervisor after completing your PhD, and whether that would be innapropriate before/after defending your thesis.In my case, I had a lot of difficulty finding someone willing to support my application (as I'm doing it in a completely foreign country). I'm very grateful to my supervisor for being willing to take me on and supporting my applic...Read more

gifts - Taking my Ph.D. advisor out for dinner after graduation

I recently finished my Ph.D. in the U.S. and will be leaving soon for a job in industry. I have got a precious gift for my advisor as I really admire him and he is one of my role models and totally deserves it. Now for giving him the gift I was thinking maybe I should take him out to dinner or something and then give him the gift. The problem is during these years we’ve never had such a relationship! Like we’ve been cool and he’s always been super friendly and supportive, but I have not even spoken to him over the phone!! Like we’ve either met ...Read more

gifts - When is it appropriate for an employee to pay for something out of their own pocket?

This answer about how to reward/morale boost an employee who had worked a lot of unpaid overtime got me thinking. Pull out a 100 dollar gift card you bought with your own funds. That will be the best 100 dollars you ever invested. It will show that you notice and appreciate his work, you're rewarding it... When is it appropriate that a business employee (including managers and executives) pay for things out of their own pocket? There's plenty of times that employees to pay for things out of their own pocket, birthday, secret santa and leav...Read more

How to avoid discomfort to a coworker when declining a holiday gift

I work as the team lead for my team. Today I received a gift of boxed wine from a fellow team lead of another team that I worked closely with for the past year, as a symbol of goodwill for the upcoming holidays.Last year, I lost my girlfriend to a DWI driver and as a result personally feel very uncomfortable accepting this gift. I do not drink, and the gift brings back painful memories. I simply said I do not drink and that personal for reasons, I cannot accept the gift. I also stressed I appreciated the show of goodwill and thanked him for his...Read more

donation - How may I gift/send money to a friend anonymously?

I have a good friend who I attended university with in the past. (in the US) I happened to get to know that they were having some money troubles, and I wanted to provide some assistance as a gift, but I would rather they not know it was me, to avoid any change in our relationship. The amount would be in the ballpark of $1000. The problem is that I only know the following information:-Their full name-Their email-Their approximate city/location (not full address)-The universities they attendedIs there any way to send the money knowing only this i...Read more

gifts - Splashing money on others

I have real trouble managing money, to the point where I'm almost living paycheck to paycheck. Although there are a number of reasons for this, I am aware of one major one, and I need advice on how to handle it.I'm a big believer in treating others as I would like to be treated, and I've come to realise that I am constantly gifting others. It may be something simple as buying a friend lunch because they have less income than me, or are going through a hard time, or really for any reason.As I am fortunate enough to have a lot of friends, I oft...Read more

gifts - How to ensure that I will see my friend on her birthday?

Background: I am from Hong Kong, studying in a university.My friend's birthday is coming and I prepared a gift for her. In order to actually give her the gift, I have to meet her somewhere on her birthday. However, there is no way to ensure that she turns up on that day. I have thought of several ways to meet her, but none of them appears to work:I will have lessons with her on that day, but she often skips lessons. Sometimes I tried to ask her to come to lessons on time, but she wouldn't give me any promise and just slept in. She may also retu...Read more

Gift for senior coworker who helped me get an interview

A Distinguished Engineer in my company has recommended me for a position after I informally expressed to them my interests in applying. It is undoubtedly due to their recommendation that I have now been invited to apply.I have sent a thoughtful "thank you" email. Would a small gift (a card, flowers, or a nice desert) be inappropriate -- or, given the influence they have regarding my employment, even unethical?Details:The chance to apply wouldn't be open without his help.I am early in the application process.I do not report to (or even work with...Read more

Offered $350 gift for customer research survey

So I am a low level analyst at a large consulting firm. We are not allowed to accept personal gifts from clients due to this being a potential conflict of interest.I use a large well known database, paid for by my practice, to perform most of my work. I was recently offered a $350 Amazon gift card to participate in a 45 min survey about how I utilize this database by the database itself. How should I go about this? Can I ethically take the gift card, do I need to ask my boss about this, etc?The database is not a current or past client and is pa...Read more

gifts - bar mitzvah medals

Long ago, I received a bronze bar mitzvah medal that I have always treasured. I am looking to purchase one now but I can't seem to find any of this minted year. The few I have seen online all seem to be very old. Does anyone know where I can purchase a recently minted one?...Read more