wiimote - What methods/algorithms are used for gesture recognition in a multi-touch environment?

In a multi-touch environment, how does gesture recognition work? What mathematical methods or algorithms are utilized to recognize or reject data for possible gestures?I've created some retro-reflective gloves and an IR LED array, coupled with a Wii remote. The Wii remote does internal blob detection and tracks 4 points of IR light and transmits this information to my computer via a bluetooth dongle. This is based off Johnny Chung Lee's Wii Research. My precise setup is exactly like the graduate students from the Netherlands displayed here. ...Read more

gesture recognition - How to store or keep Kinect movement tracking data?

Our group is now facing a problem that, we aim to implement a login system using body movements with Kinect device. That is to say, we use body movements as a so call "password". In order to login, user has to enter the "password" by performing certain movements known only by the user. So We simply Step 1: Detect and track body movements.Step 2: Analyse it.Step 3: Compare with the default one like a password. If they match, login successfully. We are not confused at the second step. The problem is how to store movement data. We know that, Kinec...Read more

Kinect 3D gesture recognition based on skeleton movements - What libraries exist?

What gesture recognition libraries (if any) exist for the Kinect? Right now I'm using OpenNI to record skeleton movements but am not sure how to go from that to triggering discrete actions.My problem might be as simple as pose detection but it could also be as complicated as time based movements (ie. detect when they are moving their hand in a circle) depending on how difficult that is. The examples that I've seen for pose detection have been very ad-hoc - is this because a generic algorithm is difficult to do right?...Read more

Gesture Recognition in Google Glass

I need to know about a feature in Google glass, whether it is available or not. I have been told that google glass contains a feature called "Gesture Detection using Camera". In other words, a system where it responds to hand commands and signals. I believe this is true because I have seen some half baked articles, with full of uncertainty. If this is true and something like that exists for real, from where can I get more data?...Read more