germination - Ideal climate for germinating nightshades

I have built myself a simple heated environment to start growing some plants (in the middle of winter). Reading online I was surprised to see that the optimum temperature for germination of nightshades is around 29 degrees c - a lot higher then I had thought (I previously did it at 20 degrees c) - this got me thinking - does anyone have any insights into if temperature fluctuation is beneficial during germination and if so what the ideals are - also, will germinating at cooler temperatures make for a hardier plant - I can't keep them at that ...Read more

germination - How to germinate guava seeds?

Recently I received guava seeds from two of my friends. One is a red variety and other is a normal Guava variety. I planted the seeds on coco-peat three weeks ago and kept watering since then. I just didn't plant the seeds deeper than one inch. But still not a single seed germinated. What am I doing wrong here. Will it germinate or what's the correct way to germinate Guava seeds?...Read more

germination - Avocado seeds/stems, do I place in pot with soil, should I put them in a window?

I do not have a green thumb and have had zero success growing an avocado tree from a seed. That being said, while at work I placed some avocado seeds in water and they started to grow. The one on the left has been growing a little over 4 months the one on the right has only been growing for a couple months. Both of these plants (if you can call them that), have been growing in my office with zero sunlight. Should I place them in a window sill now that get a bit of sunlight? Also, should I put them in a 4" clay pot with good drainage and potting...Read more

germination - Starting Zucchini, Bell Peppers and Tomatoes from Seeds

new to gardening so sorry if this is a silly question,I've started zucchini, bell peppers and tomatoes from Seeds by planting them in a seed starting tray that came with a green house top. I was wondering if when the zucchini germinate can I keep the top on until the other vegetables germinate or should I cut the cells where the zucchini have been planted once they germinate and place under a grow light (Using an LED shoplight from home depot).Lastly, how do I know that I am putting the right amount of water in and do I need to re-water before ...Read more