geomagnetism - Magnetic declination

i couldnt just figure out when i got to know that declination can be zero also. How can true and magnetic north ever align themselves in a straight line in any place?Also if a compass aligns in the direction of horizontal component of MF at that place does this mean that at any place horizontal component is directed towards the magnetic north ??Maybe i am misinterpreting this idea of direction. here is what i think : If u look at a bar magnet's field lines not every tangent to the curve will pass through the north pole. So the compass placed at...Read more

geomagnetism - Does density affect Magnetism

(just a quick thought question for my journal) So if you took a magnet and somehow increased the density would there be a definite increase in the force of the pull or would there be a way for that force to increase without human help. The planets ,when close enough, begin to pull each other towards their center, which is usually the densest. But at a certain range the vacuum of space probably balances this out and keeps the planets in orbit. Feel free to correct my thoughts. (because google doesn't help that much)...Read more

geomagnetism - Have any experiments been performed on the magnetic properties of neodymium at high pressure and temperature?

As probably everyone here knows, the magnetic property of neodymium disappears at temperatures above ~590°F (310°C) depending on the mix of alloys. Have there ever been any experiments performed to examine how pressure affects the Curie temperature of neodymium alloys? I'm particularly interested in whether or not some neodymium alloys might retain their magnetic properties above their Curie temperature under conditions found, say, within the Earth's outer or inner core....Read more

geomagnetism - Is it possible that the geomagnetic field reversal led to the extinction of Dinosaurs?

Is it possible that the geomagnetic field reversal with a weakened geomagnetic field over centuries if not thousands of years (according to the Pittsburgh simulation: and exposure both to cosmic radiation, solar storms and continuous meteor bombardment, multiple "norths and souths" and deregulation of the biospheric clocks e.g. migratory paths of birds and animals using the geomagnetic field for navigation etc., raised volcanic and tectonic activities led to the extinction of Dinosaurs? Between Matuy...Read more