geode: "create region" is not available. Reason: Requires connection

I've followed the instructions on an started a locator and a server. When I try to create a region, I get an error message: ""create region" is not available. Reason: Requires connection.". Could you please help me with a solution ?I'm running my locator, my server and the region in 3 separate windows.OS: Windows7-64bitJava: build 1.8.0_25-b18Last entry in locator.log: [info 2015/09/30 17:16:51.703 CEST locator tid=0x51] Cluster configuration service start up complet...Read more

Removing an entry from a geode replicated region

I have observed some behavior where calling region.removeAll(Collection<Object> keys)does not remove the entry from ALL the servers in a replicated region. I have observed this making the call from both a PROXY client and a CACHING_PROXY client. I am currently reading through the code and noticed there are slight differences in Remove(), RemoveAll(), Destroy(), DestroyAll().What is the recommended way to remove an entry from all servers in a replicated region? What are the expected differences in behavior, if any, for remove(), remov...Read more

geode - Getting java.lang.IllegalStateException: Regions can not be created in a locator

public static void main(String args[])throws Exception{ if(Locator.hasLocator()) { Locator l = Locator.getLocator(); System.out.println("Name of the locator running is: "+l.asString()); }else { LocatorLauncher locatorLauncher = new LocatorLauncher.Builder().setMemberName("mylocator"). setPort(13334).build(); locatorLauncher.start(); ServerLauncher serverLauncher = new ServerLauncher.Builder().setMemberName("myserver"). setServerPort(40404). set("sta rt-locator", "loca...Read more

Cannot create region dynamically from client in Geode

I want to create a new region from client which does not exist on the server.Followed the Official doc Creating Regions Dynamically, there's only server-side functions but no client-side code. I try to call the CreateRegionFunction by client cache but get an error:Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: operation is not supported on a client cacheHere's my client-side code:ClientCache cache = new ClientCacheFactory() .addPoolLocator("<hostname>", 10334) .set("log-level", "WARN") .create();Execution exe...Read more

geode - Native Client - Serialization Exception when executing Continuous Query

I'm trying to set up a simple Java <-> #C/.NET proof of concept using Apache Geode, specifically testing the continuous query functionality using the .NET native client. Using a regular Query works fine from .NET, only the Continuous Query has an issue. I run into my problem when I call the Execute() method on the continuous query object. The specific error I get isGot unhandled message type 26 while processing response, possible serialization mismatchI'm only storing simple strings in the cache region so I'm a bit surprised that I'm having ...Read more

Apache geode failing with OOM exception

I am trying to create a REST application over Apache geode. Application works well in case of limited data, but in cases when I need to get the complete data ( ~0.8M ), it fails with an OOM exception on server. Exception : HTTP GET Error: 500REST OQL Response: {"cause":"Handler dispatch failed; nested exception is java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"}I tried the same approach with cache client, it works seamlessly, but we need to use REST to integrate with our application. Any ideas to go around with this? I am thinking on the following...Read more

geode - Can I change result chunk size for simple select query on PR

I tried to run a simple query like "select key, name from /region order by name limit 1000" on a Partitioned Region over a client/server topology. The performance was terrible. It took more than 10s for all 1000 records to be processed. My client application uses spring-data-gemfire. Debugging from client side showed that the results came back in 10 chunks. Each chunk could only have at most 100 records no matter how I change the socket buffer size and result object size (for example, I tested only returning key). Checking out the geode source ...Read more

geode - Pdx serializing in replicated region using ClientCache

I have a problem with PDX serialization on a remote Geode instance when using SB to create a Geode client cache as ->@Configurationpublic class GeodeClientConfiguration {@BeanClientCache cache() { return new ClientCacheFactory() .setPdxPersistent(true) .setPdxDiskStore("foo") .setPdxReadSerialized(true) .setPdxSerializer(new ReflectionBasedAutoSerializer(false, "foo.EpgProgram")) .create();}@BeanRegion<String, List<EpgProgram>> testRegion(final ClientCache cache) { return cache.<String, Li...Read more

Geode not allowing me to query for another region

My geode client is working to persist and retrieve the data in the specific region. ClientRegionFactoryBean<Integer, Book> region = new ClientRegionFactoryBean<>(); region.setName("Book"); region.setPool(gemfirePool); region.setCache(cache.getObject()); region.setShortcut(ClientRegionShortcut.PROXY);however, if i am trying to use the region to query for another region, it doesn't allow me to do that:org.apache.geode.cache.query.QueryInvalidException: Should not execute region.query with a different reg...Read more

Get Geode Native Client going with SSL

I have a C# native client going with Geode. I've now made the locator / server side SSL and Swagger and Pulse are working fine.So I added the following to my native client:.Set("log-file", "my.log").Set("log-level", "all").Set("ssl-enabled", "true").Set("ssl-keystore", "my.pem")and so on, and when the pool factory tries to connect to the SSL locator, the Geode logs show:[finer 2017/10/02 16:11:37.176509 GMT Daylight Time ISLPC02:1988 3740 Querying locator at [#.#.#.#:10334] for queue server from group [][info 2017/10/02 16:11:37.176509 GMT Dayl...Read more

Geode: Serialization Exception & Could not create an instance of a class on server

I have the client side working, looks like everything is alright. I can save the object and retrieve the object back from the client side.However, if i am trying to use gfsh or data browser to view the data, i got this exception on gfshMessage : Could not create an instance of a class : falseand on data browserjavalangException- Query could not be executed due to - orgapachegeodepdxPdxSerializationException- Could not create an instance of a class comroombackendsoaspringcachegeodet...Read more