gender - Mr. and Mrs. Homer Simpson - Using husband's first/last name for wife?

I originally heard this in an old episode of the Simpsons, where Apu refers to Marge as "Mrs. Homer Simpson". I've also noticed something similar in the movie "The Wedding Singer" where the titular character refers to a newly-wed couple as "Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fonda", and a few other times on TV shows at weddings.Why would one refer to a lady as "Mrs. ${HUSBAND_FIRST_NAME} ${FAMILY_LAST_NAME}" like this? Wouldn't it make sense to just say "Mrs. ${FAMILY_LAST_NAME}", since that's the name the lady has taken (assuming she takes her husband's last...Read more

gender - Everyone, he/she/it?

Is there a possibility to form the following sentence "gender-independent" in English? Everybody sees, what he/she wants to see.What can I use instead of he/she? Additionally: How can I give this sentence a poetic touch?P.S. I am a German native speaker with Turkish origin. In Turkish you can say: "Herkes görmek istediğini görür"and there is no gender information. Is that possible in English?My current workaround: You see, what you want to see. What about: One sees, what one wants to see ?...Read more

employment - Do age and gender discrimination compound in the workplace to reduce the odds of an older women being hired?

Forbes claims that gender and age discrimination compound more for women as they age, to the point where it can be difficult for older women to get jobs. The gender gap is pretty well-known, but I have heard less about the gender gap as it relates to age. So I have these questions:Is the pay gap between women and men explained better by age discrimination compounded with gender discrimination than by other factors? (ie, older women being out of the workplace longer, or having less experience) Aside from a pay gap, is their an "employment gap" w...Read more

gender - Do transgender women athletes have an advantage over cisgender women athletes?

There have been numerous articles in media over transgender women competing in women sports, and debating if this is fair with women whose birth sex was female.I know there are some studies, like Race Times for Transgender Athletes, that show that after lower levels of testosterone follows a loss of muscle mass and bone density, and thus their athletic capacity is diminished.I'm not sure if this loss of muscle mass and bone density is enough, or if there are other factors that could still provide an advantage. Perhaps the possible advantages va...Read more

gender - Are women biologically (rather than culturally) equally inclined to take technical jobs?

Google fired James Damore for his memo about Google's gender diversity policies. Quoted are these parts of the memo that claim that in spite of significant overlap, innate biological differences between men and women may be responsible for the underepresentation of women in tech and leadership. Original links to Wikipedia articles, scientific papers & other sources preserved. On average, men and women biologically differ in many ways. These differences aren’t just socially constructed because: They’re universal across human cultures...Read more

gender - Do women distinguish more colours than men?

In the first section (from the start up to about 55s into the video) of this amusing YouTube video about the differences between men and women, the following claim is made: Why do women distinguish colors better than men? The rear part of the eyeball's membrane contains 7 million cone cells. With their help, we distinguish between colors. Information about color cells is contained in the X-chromosome. Women have 2 of these chromosomes. Men have 1. This is why women can distinguish more colors and shades.Can women distinguish mor...Read more

gender - Does this study give evidence that women are better leaders than men

I saw this article on my facebook wall today. It claims that women are better than men in leadership skills. This is the conclusion of researchers. “The results indicate that, as regards personality, women are better suited for leadership than their male colleagues when it comes to clarity, innovation, support and targeted meticulousness,” according to the BI researchers. The survey also indicates that female leaders have a somewhat stronger tendency to worry. “Disregarding the worrying (emotional stability), it could be legitimate to ask w...Read more

gender - Nine Purification Breaths and Channels in Genderqueer and Intersex Individuals

When performing the Nine Purification Breaths (I have it from a separate source, but it is close to the one described by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in Healing with Form, Energy, and Light) the position of the energy channels depends on whether the individual is male or female. It is described as: In women the right channel is red and the left is white. In men the right channel is white and the left is red. The central channel is blue in both men and women.The process first removes obstacles linked with male potencies and then obstacles linked wi...Read more

gender - What is the purpose of women-only meetings, panels, conferences, etc. in academia?

Since entering graduate school, albeit in a STEM field, I have never been exposed to such an emphasis on women-only meetings, leadership conferences, panels, etc. I have seen most, if not all of these venues, exclusive to women. Most of these meetings are hosted by the WISE (Women In Science and Engineering) organization at this university. I am sure this phenomenon is true elsewhere.Why is it that in academe, in my experience, it is common for women to segregate themselves in the context of raising gender issues?How does this behavior exemplif...Read more

gender - How to create an environment in which students can report teacher-student sexual harassment?

I teach physics at a community college in California. A series of female students have told me about sexual harassment by the same tenured male math instructor. Two such incidents went like incident:"Professor, I'm having trouble with my homework. Could you give me some help?""Sure, let's go have drinks and talk about it."another incident:"Professor, can I come to your office hours for help?""Sure. You know, my office is soundproof."I reported the problem to the vice president who handles Title IX. She told me she needed the students t...Read more

gender - Should I warn colleagues of another colleague's sexism?

Over the years, I have had experiences at some conferences where more senior faculty members have been—shall we say—less than appropriate to women in the field. The same can be said about colleagues being heterosexist and/or racist, but I digress. Sometimes, these are isolated incidents and I didn’t feel comfortable having the confrontation at that point in my career so I let it slide. I am in a field that has a serious gender inequity problem and I am a junior member of the field.Flash forward a few years and a colleague (of the gender/race/se...Read more