gehinnom - Did Alexander the Great go to hell and come back alive?

In Tamid (32a): אמר להן בעינא דאיזל למדינת אפריקי אמרו ליה לא מצית אזלת דפסקי הרי חשך אמר להן לא סגיא דלא אזלינא אמטו הכי משיילנא לכו אלא מאי אעביד אמרו ליה אייתי חמרי לובאי דפרשי בהברא ואייתי קיבורי דמתני וקטר בהאי גיסא דכי אתית (באורחא) נקטת בגוייהו ואתית לאתרך עבד הכי ואזל מטא לההוא מחוזא דכוליה נשי (Alexander the Great said to chachmei hanegev)I need to go to the country “Africei”’. They answered ‘it is impossible to go, because the “dark mountains” (hills that were dark even in the daytime, and therefore couldn’t be passed) are in the ...Read more

embarrassment - Embarrasing others (eternal gehinnom at face value?)

"The gemara says all who descend into Gehenna (hell) eventually leave. Except for one who publicly shames his neighbour"halachipediaThen it says the methods for atoning for such embarrasment.If one embarrassed someone and regrets it and does teshuvah by ensuring it doesn't happen again and feels bad but does not ask the person's forgiveness are they still at risk for eternal gehinnom (even if they could technically apologize but don't want to engage in it)?Also if one calls his friend a derogatory nickname and does not ask his friend for forgiv...Read more

gehinnom - Who is in charge of Gehennim?

In Mishlei 5:9, there is an entity called אַכְזָרִי that somehow takes years from people who are rebellious: פֶּן־תִּתֵּ֣ן לַאֲחֵרִ֣ים הוֹדֶ֑ךָ וּ֝שְׁנֹתֶ֗יךָ לְאַכְזָרִֽי: Rashi explains that this refers to "שר של גיהנם": ושנותיך לאכזרי - לשר של גיהנם Who and what is this guy? What other works reference him?...Read more