JS dependencies in gatein-resources.xml

I am trying to reference JS scrips for each portlet in gatein-resources.xml. https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/GTNPORTAL34/GDG-JavaScript+Resource+Management How do I reference them to each portlet? I am trying to use the portlet scope but not sure how to reference them. Is it by name or by path? iein example.jsp<script src="<%=request.getContextPath()%>/js/lib/modules/pagination.js"></script>in gatein-resources.xml <portlet> <name>/jsp/example.jsp</name> <module> <script> <name>...Read more

Cannot create user page using gatein public api

When i create a user page using gatein public api i got an org.gatein.api.EntityNotFoundException exception. Here follows my code for creating user pageUser user = PortalRequest.getInstance().getUser(); Portal portal = PortalRequest.getInstance().getPortal();f(portal.getPage(new PageId(user, pageName))==null){Page newpage = portal.createPage(new PageId(user, pageName));// Here i got the exception}Here follows the stack trace of exception org.gatein.api.EntityNotFoundException: Site Site.Id[type=dashboard, name=supervisor] doesn't exist at or...Read more