customize or extend sharepoint gantt chart to dipslay data from multiple lists

I would like to display data from different lists in a gantt chart view. I have different lists like: Stages, categories, parts. So data from stages List (stage1, stage2, stage3,...) will be displayed first like the image shows it below, one after the other. Not like the usual gantt chart that shows the bar in the second row.To make the things simple I would like to start first displaying the stages list, but I don't know how to display them like the one in the image. Can anyone suggest as how can I extend or customize the default gantt chart? ...Read more

How to hide the left pane in JS grid gantt chart in sharepoint

I am trying to create a custom gant chart control in sharepoint by using JS Grid control. I am following this tutorial: How to: Create a Gantt Chart Using the JS Grid Control 1) How can I hide left pane in the JSGrid Gantt chart viewThe example that I am following is getting the data from the columns on the left.Edit:First question has been answered by iOnline247 2) How can I expand the right pane to 100% 3) How can I reposition the bars created in the gantt view?...Read more